7 Factors to Consider While Finding a Perfect Conference Venue

7 Factors to Consider While Choosing a Perfect Conference Venue

Venue selection is an important aspect of any event planning. Choosing a wrong venue without the right facilities, can lead to dissatisfaction. Especially, when you are organizing a formal event like a conference, you cannot afford selecting any venue without considering factors like locality, budget, conference facilities,etc. Failing which, can...

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types of people you will meet in conference

7 Types of People You Will Always Meet in a Conference

Be it any type of conference, there is always a category of people that you will find everywhere. Here in this list, we have enlisted few stereotypical titles which are highly relatable. You will probably think of atleast one name for each category showing the similar traits. Apart from others, you can also analyze in which category you fall...

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7 Most Common Conference Mistakes You Should Avoid

A conference is an event of deals and plans to discuss with ample of business tycoons or officials in a flamboyant manner. Every action of the attendees has to be picture perfect so as to build a good impression in front of great clients and dignitaries. After all, they are the ones who will lend you the profit and would make your professional...

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Top 5 Budget Hotels In Mumbai For Business Conferences

TOP 5 BUDGET HOTELS IN MUMBAI FOR BUSINESS CONFERENCES Mumbai is a city of dreams as well as the commercial hub of India. Though loved and revered by people, the city puts up a tough challenge when it comes finding venues and accommodation, especially for corporates to arrange business conferences. So for those in search of budget hotels in...

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colleague birthday

Celebrate Your Colleague’s Birthday Without Annoying The Boss!

Let’s be honest. Nobody enjoys coming to work on their birthday. And the least thing you could do as a colleague is to make him/her feel super special at work. After all, coworkers are almost like a second family right? So take the risk, share the following plans with your Boss/HR and we assure you none will have a problem and you’ll...

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Party Hard At Mumbai’s Top 10 Trending Lounges!

After a taxing week at work, who wouldn’t like to just sit back and relax? And what can be a better place to enjoy than a lounge! We have shortlisted top 10 lounges in Mumbai where you can hang out with friends, family and take that stress away!!! If you are looking to host your event with elegance and style, you  can also check out our list of...

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Check Out Mumbai’s Top 10 Trending Banquets!

Mumbai is scattered with a number of venues for various occasions and selecting one can be a cumbersome task for busy Mumbaikars. We are here to help you with just that! We have come up with a list of top 10 Banquets in Mumbai where you can host your event and enjoy to the fullest.

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The Complete Cocktail Party Planning Guide

Cocktail parties are easy to plan and glamorous yet relatively inexpensive. When planning your party, it helps to choose a theme. This doesn’t mean all your guests have to show up dressed like pirates or their favorite movie stars—a theme can be discreet, such as a flavor or color that is present throughout the entire evening. A creative...

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