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10 Epic Themes For A Teen’s Birthday Party!

There’s nothing more fickle than a teenager’s mind. Sigh!
And who could agree more than their parents of course! That struggle to keep up with your teenager’s interests, wants and desires in the world of changing trends is real we know, especially when it comes to planning their birthday party. Worse, if you’re thinking of throwing a surprise!
So if you are one of those who are unaware of what to do for your teen star‘s upcoming birthday, here’s this year’s top trending themes that will definitely make your efforts pay off:
(P.S – Consult the BFF, while choosing the theme. If it’s a disaster, you can blame them later. 😛 )


Gamer’s Zone:gamer's birthday theme

Gamer in the house? Perfect! Surprise him with a non-stop gaming session with his closest buddies. And that’s not all, arrange a projector or two, and watch them go crazy in excitement.

Superheroes:superhero birthday theme

Love for superheroes can never fade. If your boy eats, sleeps and raves about DC or Marvel, then this is the theme to choose! Bring home the DVDs and organise a movie marathon for him and his friends. Customise the cake and buffet or ask the caterer to do it. Also, make sure you nail the decorations.

Football/Cricket Fever:football cricket theme

Football lover, is he? What’s better than having a party on the football field itself. Organise a surprise birthday match. Make teams in advance and customise the gifts according to them.

Comic Book/Anime Craze:


Archies, TinTinAnime or DragonballZ! A comic or animated series theme would definitely make their day special. Especially if you customise everything from the invitation cards to the cake in the form of a comic book. More, you could also make a personalised comic book for him! 😀


The Royal Spa:spa theme

Teen girls love being pampered, especially if their world revolves around makeup, blush and all that gloss! Imagine her excitement, when she see a special spa theme for her and her girl gang. The manicure/pedicure session along with spa will definitely make her feel royal.

Floral Bound:floral theme

A perfect theme for Summer! Let the girls put on their little floral dresses and show off their pretty side. If possible, plan a garden party and let them flaunt their sunnies! Keep the cake, food and decor theme-friendly.

Starstruck!:star birthday

Is she? Find out that one actor she has a major crush on and make it her birthday theme! From cake to posters to even her gift, let them all be related to her teen crush. Trust us, she’ll never forget this party ever!

Emo Scheme:

emo theme

Believe it or not but girls these days are totally digging in the emo culture. Black nail paints, chokers to even dark lipsticks, it totally gives them the edge. So if your daughter is one of them, make her girl gang turn up at the house dressed like her!

Boys And Girls

Music Mania:one direction birthday theme

One Direction, Justin Beiber or maybe Beyonce! If music is what ruling your child’s heart, then give them the best musical birthday ever. Organise a karaoke with their favourite band or artists’ songs only and let them jam the night away!

Geek Convention:geek theme

Geeks are rare to find so if your child is one, let them know how gifted they are! Plan their birthday theme keeping their favourite characters in mind. You can also make it a convention and ask their friends to cosplay!

Now, you have 10 themes to choose from, so get set planning now!
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