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20 Unique Wedding Chalkboard Ideas for a Perfect Wedding Entrance!

By Purv Bhoj
Blog timeMay 8, 2021

Wedding, of course, is a special day and every small thing matters to make your wedding day shine out. From the decoration to the music everything will be important for your wedding. One of the unique and latest thing on the decoration list is the chalkboard. The chalkboards can be used effectively to decorate your wedding.

 But you must be confused about which chalkboard should be selected for your wedding, worry not as we list 20 unique wedding chalkboard for your wedding, 

1 Simple Wedding chalkboard

Gone are the days when different cheesy decorations were done at the entrance of the wedding hall. Now, chalkboards are used to decorate the entrance of the wedding hall with warm greetings. 

Simple Wedding Chalkboard 1

2. Our Love Story

Your love story is one unique love story to be told so why not share it with the world through this unique chalkboard idea. You can name the dates of your special moments on the chalkboard.

Wedding Chalkboard Our Love Story

3. We are all a family Chalkboard

All your guests are your relatives and an extended family as well, isn’t it? So make them feel like a family with this lovely chalkboard

Wedding Chalkboard - 3 Pick a seat

4. Happily ever After

A wedding is a promise of staying together for whole life and this romantic chalkboard is just that happy embracement of your happily ever after story.

Wedding Chalkboard Happily Ever After new 4

5. Cute Chalkboard

Love is complicated maths not everyone understands but for you it was too simple. You met your soulmate and the wedding date was soon announced.

Wedding Chalkboard - 5

6. Mr. & Mrs WeddingChalkboard

This is another simple chalkboard idea where you can announce who is going to be Mr  Mrs on a special day. 

Wedding Chalkboard - 6 Mr and Mrs

7. Love and Laughter

Love is a special feeling and as much as you are happy, so are your guests and relatives. So, let them as well become part of your happiness with this beautiful wedding chalkboard.

Wedding Chalkboard - 7

8. Let the Feeling sink in!

When you get married, it will take time for the feeling to sink in. This chalkboard will help you a bit to let the feeling sink in.

Wedding chalkboard - 8

9. Our story begins here! 

Each special moment of your story will be cherished and your wedding is an extremely special moment and hence even this moment should be cherished as the new chapter of your story begins.

Wedding Chalkboard - 9

Celebrate Dream Wedding

10. Share with the world

Share the special moments from your wedding with your wedding hashtags!

Wedding Chalkboard 10

11. Leave a Message for the Lovely Couple

This is a very unique chalkboard idea where you can let the guests drop a cute message for the couple. 

Wedding chalkboard - 11

12. Thank You chalkboard

Your wedding is a very big and the most important milestone of your life and you definitely want your relatives to witness it. Be thankful to your guests with this simple chalkboard.

Wedding Chalkboard New 12

13. Wedding Timeline

A wedding involves a lot of things and hence your guests sometimes may not understand what ritual or ceremony will take place at what time. So, make things easy for your guests with this wedding timeline idea.

Wedding Chalkboard 13

14. The Couple’s Getting Married Here!

Some of your guests might have to search your wedding place. You can place this at the entrance of your wedding and guide your guests about the location of your wedding. 

Wedding Chalkbaord New 14.

15. Welcome Wedding Chalkboard

Welcome your guests with this unique welcome chalkboard. This catchy chalkboard will catch your guest’s attention quickly.

Wedding Chalkboard 15. Welcome

16. Keys to a Happy marriage

With this creative chalkboard, let your married friends share their piece of advice for your married life to blossom just like theirs.

Wedding Chalkbaord Keys to a happy marriage

17. Let Everyone know the people behind your story!

This is a very special idea wherein you can stick the photos of your friends with a special message who made sure your story ends well with a marriage in the end. 

Wedding chalkboard 16.

18. Cheers to your wedding!

Let everyone sip a glass of beer at your wedding and enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

Wedding chalkboard 17.

19. Wedding Details

With this simple chalkboard, you can share the details of your wedding with the guests. 

Wedding Chalkboard 19

20. Small Chalkboards

Use these chalkboards to guide your guests in the wedding about the directions to go for any service they need.  

Wedding chalkboards small

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