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7 Awesome Unique Groom Entry Ideas!

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One of the biggest milestones in anyone’s life is getting married and one wants to make it a memorable one. The most grandeur thing is the groom’s entry into the wedding hall. After all, he is entering a place where his life is going to change, so why not make it just as memorable and grand as the whole wedding with this seven unique awesome groom entry ideas!

Here are few groom entry ideas for your big day:

Ride on the Bullet

Groom Entry Ideas Bike Entry


Ride on the Segway in this unique Groom Entry Ideas

This unique expensive vehicle has been rarely used because it requires license and is only used by army personnel. On his big day, the groom’s arrival on a Segway will make it all the more grand.

Groom Entry Ideas Segway


Rickshaw Groom Entry Ideas

Want to be cute and desi in your entry? Try this unique funny idea on your big day.

Groom Entry Ideas Rickshaw

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On an Elephant like a Maharaja

This groom entry idea is a royal entry idea of the groom like a maharaja. With all the wedding decorations and wedding vibe, the groom certainly will be the maharaja on the big day.

Groom Entry Ideas Elephant

Groom Entry Ideas

Fire Shots Groom Entry Ideas

Crackers have now become old fashioned. Hence, fire shots in the air are the new trend. With the fire shots,  let everyone know about the groom’s arrival

Groom Entry Ideas Fire shots


Entry on a Boat

If you say “You will cross seven rivers to meet your love.” then this is your moment. Of course, you won’t actually cross seven rivers but you can ride yourself on waters and arrive at your wedding with a grand entry on a boat.

Show your love with this awesome groom entry ideas.

Groom Entry Ideas Boat

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Vintage Car Groom Entry Ideas

This old school vintage car is a special kind of rare entry just like vintage cars which are rare and special. The vintage car has the most loved vehicle when it comes to the groom entry. So, why not try this one out for your glittery mesmerising wedding!

Groom Shoes Vintage Car

Amongst the many groom entry ideas, we have tried to bring the 7 most unique ideas.

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