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7 Easy-to-go Cocktail Appetizers That Will Leave You Drooling

No doubt, cocktail parties are just to have a variety of booze and get the bottoms up with your fellas. But what makes it more interesting are the bunch of canapes for the party animals. Planning a party might take a hectic preparation for your guests so that they won’t end up with complaints. If you are going to pop a cocktail party then don’t worry about the snacks part. We have brought you the most amazing last-moment-ready cocktail appetizers that won’t let you be in the kitchen for long hours. As of now, go and get your favourite drinks for the evening.

Brie on Bread-

Have some brie(cheeze) and bread at your home? Then you are ready to go for it. Place the slices of brie on one side of bread with some garlic salt and pepper sprinkled. Broil it on baking sheet until cheeze gets bubbled. What could be easier than this. This instant dish would make your guests love it with their drinks in the other hand.

Brie on Bread



Grape poppers-

Lets make it simple and small. If you have grapes, vanilla cream and pecans, half of your work is done. Just dip the toothpick pierced grapes in vanilla cream with some pecans stuck on it and you are ready to serve the sweet and tiny bites for your friends.

Grape Poppers


Watermelon Fetamint Skewers-

For this, you just need to cut the watermelon in bite sized pieces which makes it easy to have. Join a cube of feta(cheeze) with watermelon pieces and mint leaves sandwiched between them. Use a skewer or toothpick as in the grapes popper. Pouring a stray of chocolate sauce would add the extra touch to the taste

Watermelon Feta Mint Skewers


Chicken and waffle sliders-

For this yummy bites you just need to cook chicken and make it ready to be sandwiched between the waffles and secure it with a toothpick. Drizzle it with maple syrup and best if served warm. A single chicken finger could be sliced and four slidders can be made.

Chicken and Waffles Sliders


French toast roll ups-

It is One of the easiest bread made dishes that you can make on the go. Just cut out crusts of white bread and flatten them using a rolling pin(belan). Place some pieces of diced strawberries and cheeze at one side of the bread slice( you can have any other filling of your likes) and roll up each of these slice. Now, just like a regular french toast dip it in egg-milk mixture and cook for few minutes in a pan until they get brown. Now roll them on cinnamon/sugar and you are ready to go for it.

French Toast Rollups


Pepperoni Pizza Bread-

Halve a loaf of italian bread and toast into a broiler. Brush the piece with olive oil and make a layer of tomato sauce on to it. Put some Grated mozzarella, parmesan and sliced pepperoni and broil until it gets bubbly. Sprinkle a pinch of dried oregano while serving.

Pizza Bread



Take a piece of saltine and spread a layer of peanut butter with a pinch of salt. Put some strawberry slices and drizzle with honey. Another saltine on the whole thing and your crackerwiches are ready to be served. Now thats easy and fast.


No one needs to be a great chef to make any of these tiny bites for the cocktail bash. Hope these easy snacks would help you while planning a cocktail party next time. For any further help about caterers and party venues, please visit

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