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List of Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boss

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If there’s one person at work you want to be on good terms with, it’s your BOSS! Jokes apart, it’s always a blessing to have a leader who guides you, encourages you and stands with the team when they have to. So, on his/her upcoming birthday, why not plan the best surprise party ever! Yes, to let them know how much they mean to the team we’ve come up with amazing ideas for your Boss’s birthday party. Also, celebrating your bosses birthday will make them feel special and wanted. They will definitely appreciate the efforts. It can also result in strengthening the bond between the colleagues and boss. So, make it worth it by keeping the celebrations in office simple and minimal yet filled with birthday-spirit. Need tips on how to execute the boss’s birthday party in the office? Here’s List of Surprise Birthday Ideas for Boss!!

1. Birthday Ideas for Boss Based on their Likes/Dislikes:

Before you start planning or making a budget for your suprise for boss’s birthday party, find out your their likes and dislikes. Get in touch with people close to them at work or probably give their family member a call.
P.S – Don’t forget to inform them it’s a surprise!

2. Planning the Boss’s Birthday Party in Office:

Decorations reflect the theme, so for birthday ideas for boss, decorate the workspace according to the selected theme. If you could arrange for a customized ‘Happy Birthday Boss‘ banner it would be great.

One of the best things to do for your boss’s birthday is filling up space with balloons and ribbons to make it feel like a party! You can experiment with them in various ways like hanging them by the ceiling or fill them up with helium and attach notes with ribbons to it.

boss's birthday party decoration

Other birthday celebration ideas in the office include making DIY origami, paper cut out garlands or making use of office stationery to create birthday art and stick it on the walls. Prefer more paper art as it can be easily available in your workplace and also it takes less time compared to the others.

P.S: Make sure your boss is out of the office and will be back on the day of his birthday. So, be prepared to stay in late a day before the birthday to get done with the decorations for the surprise for the boss’s birthday. Distribute the work in maximum people to get it done faster.

office decor for boss's birthday party

3. Invite the Family as a Surprise for Boss’s Birthday Party:

What can be a better surprise for a boss than calling your boss’s family at work! Inform the family well in advance about the plan and request them to drop in for a few minutes before lunch or during lunchtime. Trust us, this is one birthday surprise for the boss that he won’t forget.

family at work for boss's birthday party

4. Arrange a Cake as part of Birthday Surprise for Boss:

There ain’t any birthday celebration in the world which will ever be complete without a special cake! To surprise your boss even further, customize it and write a message that would make him/her crack up with laughter!

birthday cake for boss's birthday party

5. Host a Surprise Birthday for Boss by Throwing a Mini Lunch Party:

Birthday surprise ideas for boss should definitely include placing an order at your boss’s favourite restaurant or the sandwich guy if that’s his/her favourite. If not, plan for a pot lunch. Let every employee bring something special from their home and share it with everyone during lunch. This surprise birthday idea will give an opportunity for every employee to come together with the boss and create a bond with each other.

food options for boss's birthday party

6. Plan Board Games in the Office for Boss’s Birthday Party:

As a surprise birthday idea for your male boss, if your boss is good at any board games or video games, get that in office and let him/her show his talent.  There are many options like poker, monopoly, carrom or even a dart can be perfect for this. Although while planning you bosses surprise birthday, don’t forget the workload or else get done with it a day before or make sure to cope up with it as your boss won’t appreciate the loss of work just because of their birthday celebration. That in itself will be a good surprise birthday ideas for your boss.

board game in office for boss's birthday party

7. Ideas for the Surprise Gift for Boss’s Birthday Party:

Surprise birthday ideas for your boss can be Personalized gifts as they are always better than a normal gift from a gift shop. Yes, and by personalise, we don’t mean ‘You’re the Best Boss‘ on a coffee mug! Get a bit creative and personal while thinking about a surprise gift which will put a huge grin on your boss’s face. At the same time, be careful with it as it shouldn’t get offensive for him/her and put you in trouble. To help trigger your creativity, the following are few ideas for a perfect gift for your boss’s surprise birthday . Feel free to add some more elements in the one that feels perfect as a birthday surprise for boss.

ideas of gifts for boss's birthday party

1. Get a huge card, ask people to write down memories.
2. Make every sign on parchment and frame it.
3. If you have an office group’s picture, you can frame them too.
4. You can pack their favourite delicacies in elegant jars and gift them in a personalized package with a card.
5. Miniature of their favourite sport, celebrity or superhero.
6. Support their hobby by that purchasing something relevant to it. For e.g, if they like to read a lot, gift them books from their wishlist or if they like photography, gifting them lens or a tripod would be appropriate.

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8. Surprise your Boss with an Evening at Their Favourite Lounge:

To call it off the day an idea for your bosses surprise party is to book your boss’s favourite lounge and take him/her there after work. If you can’t find out which is their favourite lounge, then search for the Best Lounges in your city. Make sure you get to know of his/her plans beforehand to avoid ruining the plan. Once that is sorted, you can go ahead with your evening plan and treat them like a king/queen that they are (of the office). Drinks, music and dance will make their birthday way more fun and to be remembered for a long long time!!

birthday party at boss's favourite lounge

P.S: Keep the celebration going, but make sure neither the daily work routine nor the boss’s schedule is disturbed.

Also Looking for Office Birthday Surprise Ideas for your Colleagues??

You can use any of the following ideas to plan an office birthday surprise. These ideas are easy and won’t take up much of your time and will definitely put a smile on your colleagues face.

  • Make a Video of all your colleagues wishing the birthday person. If you can get your boss to give some birthday wishes it would be the perfect office surprise idea.
  • Hidden Notes placed around the office in areas the birthday person daily visits like the coffee machine, the cafeteria or even under his laptop is the cutest and most creative way to give an Office Surprise Gift.
  • When was the last time you received a mail? No, we don’t mean an e-mail, we mean a mailman delivering a parcel just for you. Now you can use this to surprise your colleague by sending a package to be delivered especially on his birthday.
  • Or Better than anything, you can just plan a surprise party of that colleague at the office itself without pissing the boss off… Don’t know how to do that??

That’s all! Hope this helps you set for planning now, ‘Cause a Happy Boss, means a Happy You!’ :D

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