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Top 10 Kalira Designs to Rock Your Wedding Day!

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When it comes to Indian wedding, rituals hold a big place. Kalira or chooda ceremony is an important ceremony that takes place in every Punjabi wedding. It takes place on the morning of the wedding day after the Haldi ceremony. Kalira is not just an accessory, but it is a symbol of good luck and prosperity bestowed by brides family and friends before she enters into a new life.

It is also believed that if a Kalira falls on some one’s head while hovering it is considered as good omen and she will be the next one to get married. Traditionally they were made of dried coconuts and makhanas (lotus seeds) that are encrusted with nuts and dry fruits. It signifies that the bride will never run out of food in her new home. But nowadays bride choose their own Kalira because she wants to style and match Kalira with her outfit. So here are some of the trending and eye catching Kalira designs.

Top 10 Kalira Designs For Your Wedding

#1 Plain Golden Kalira

Kalira Designs - Plain Golden

Plain golden Kalira is the best option for the brides who want to keep it simple and yet elegant. If the bride does not want to go heavy on accessories then this the best option.

#2 Tier Kalira

Kalira Designs - Tier

Tier Kalira goes with every type of wedding outfit. It is also very light weight and easy to carry. It gives a very beautiful touch to the outfit.

#3 Floral Kalira

Kalira Designs - Floral

Flowers has its own charm and elegance. Floral Kalira is the new trend that every bride is obsessed with be it fresh flowers, rose petals or mogras . Floral Kaliras are on the wish list of every bride. It enhances every brides look by giving it a natural beauty touch.

#4 Mini Kalira

kalira designs - mini kalira

Mini Kalira are the best for the young and new generation brides who wants to go minimal with their look. Mini Kalira look both trendy and chic.

#5 Shell Kalira

kalira designs - shell

Perfect for modern days bride. How gorgeous are these shell Kaliras with gold detailing that will give a bright touch your red lehenga.

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#6 Pearl Kalira

kalira designs - pearl

With pastel being the new theme of the wedding, pearl kaliras are the best that will perfectly go with your pastel coloured lehenga.

#7 Kundan Work Kalira

kalira designs - kundan

Aren’t these palki shaped kundan kalira just beautiful? These royal piece of kalira is surely going to be the talk of the town for a very long time.

#8 Red Coloured Kalira

kalira designs - red color

Red coloured traditional Kalira is always the best option to go with especially when you’re rocking your big day with red lehenga.

#9 Pom Pom Kalira

kalira designs - pom pom

Pom Pom Kalira holds a different place in the modern day brides mind. It adds a funky look to the wedding outfit. It is currently ruling the wedding season.

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#10 Tassel Kalira

kalira designs - tassle

Tassel kalira are an add on to the traditional golden kalira. Look at this beautiful chandelier kalira with tassels. It is perfect for your big day.

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