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12 Innovative Ideas for Wedding Guest Book!

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A wedding guest book is a keepsake filled with the congratulations, signatures and messages of the guests who attended the wedding celebration. It’s a way for the newlyweds to remember the special moments they shared with friends and family on their big day. Usually, the guest books are placed at the entrance of the reception, where they can sign when they arrive.
The purpose of a wedding guest book is to record the names and contact information of all the guests who attended the wedding. A guest book also serves as a lasting reminder of the special day and can be used to look back and remember which guests were present.
Therefore, it is important to have a creative way to have a wedding guestbook that will help you remember the special people who attended your big day. In this article, we will help you with unique ideas that you can use to display your guestbook that fits the aesthetic of your wedding.

Unique Ideas for a Wedding Guest Book

1. Keeping It Traditional

Traditional Wedding Guest Books
A guest book does not necessarily have to be unique or creative. You can simply opt for the traditional way of keeping a guest book with subtle customizations like your name on the front along with your wedding date.

2. Signing via Postcards

Postcard wedding guest book
You can have your guests sign postcards. It is a popular way to express your thoughts and feelings to friends and family. It is also a way to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays.

3. Coffee Table Book

Coffee Table Wedding Guest Book

A coffee table as a guest book is a creative way to have guests sign a book or create a place for memories of your special event. You can also add photos, quotes and other mementos to make the table a special keepsake.

4. Polaroid Sign Postcard

Polaroid wedding Guest book

Polaroid pictures as a guest book are a great way to add a personal touch to any event. Guests can take their own Polaroid photo and write a special message to the host, creating a unique and meaningful memento of the occasion.

5. Vintage Typewriter

Typewriter wedding guest book
Vintage typewriters are a great way to add a unique touch to any event. Guests can type out their own special message for the host, creating a one-of-a-kind memento of the occasion.

6. Using Jenga as a Guest Book

Jenga wedding guest book
Jenga can be used as a creative wedding guest book. Guests can write their messages on the wooden blocks and couples can keep the game as a decoration in their home to remember their special day.

7. Bottle Message

Message in a Bottle Wedding Guest Book Sign - digital download – Designs by Khari
Putting a message in a bottle is the cutest way to have a guest book. Simply ask and encourage your guests to write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a bottle. Guests will themselves find it attractive.

8. Globe

globe wedding guest book
Why not turn your wedding guest book in a globe and have them displayed in your den or home or your office.

9. Autographed Vinyl

autographed vinyl guest book
Autographed vinyl can also be used as a creative wedding guest book. Guests can sign the vinyl cover or record and the couple can keep it as a decoration in their home to remember their special day.

10. Scrabble

scrabble guest book
Using Scrabble as a wedding guest book is a great way to add a unique and fun touch to a special day. You can have guests sign individual tiles or write a message on the board. This makes a great keepsake for the newlyweds to display in their home.

11. Share It via Video

SpeechBooth Video Guest Book | Photo Booths - The Knot
Videos are a fun way to get your guests on board. It can be used as an alternative for the traditional way of keeping a guestbook.

12. Corks

cork wedding guest book
Having your guests sign on wine corks is the coolest way to keep a wedding guest book.
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