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Creative Birthday Celebration ideas at Home under Covid 19 Quarantine

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, whole country is witnessing total lockdown. People born in March and April have left with few birthday celebration ideas as they have to stay at home. We know that this is a tough thing, but right now social distancing is the only way to emerge from these difficult times. While everyone is busy quarantining, there are many who are dealing with the disappointment over their cancelled birthday plans. Don’t worry! There are still many ways to celebrate your loved one’s birthday even without stepping out of your home. Yes, you can still make their day memorable!

Here are some Creative Birthday Celebration ideas at home under Covid 19 Quarantine | Birthday Party ideas while staying at home

Balloon Surprise

While the birthday person is sleeping you can tape an open garbage bag on the top of the door and fill the bag with balloons. As soon as the door is opened the tape will rip off and you will have a balloon waterfall!You can also decorate the wall with balloons and invite the birthday person to the room and bang on!


Creative Birthday Celebration ideas at Home

Virtual Birthday Surprise  

You can set up a video call on a big projector screen or on TV. Video call every friend of a birthday person and tell them to wait till the birthday person appears. Ask everyone to sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song as soon as the person appears in front of the screen.

Creative Birthday Celebration ideas at Home
Netflix and chill

If the person is a movie lover, you can schedule the virtual watch party. Download the Netflix party extension in Chrome. You and your pals can watch the same movie at different places at same time.

Creative Birthday Celebration ideas at Home


Baking Treat

Eating cake together is too mainstream, try baking cake together! Have some fun in the kitchen together. Make a video while making cake together and watch it while eating it. This kind of thing you don’t do everyday, right!

Creative Birthday Celebration ideas at Home
Write a Song

I know everyone is not a singer or lyricist, but still you can try to write a few lines for your beloved birthday person. Here not the quality but efforts is all that matters. Surprising them by singing the old sensitive song will also do the trick.

Creative Birthday Celebration ideas at Home


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Karaoke Party

Ask all friends and family members to join in the fun with a karaoke dance party via zoom or other meeting apps. Singing and dancing on old or new bollywood songs never goes out of style.

Scavenger Hunt

Home scavenger hunt game for kids is one of the best ideas you can plan for indoor birthday celebration. You can plan a Scavenger hunt game with riddles where the person has to guess the riddle to find the objects. Rather you can plan to keep gifts for each riddle which will surely raise the excitement.

Special Meal

Last but not the least is special meal! Nearly everyone wants as least one outstanding meal a birthday. Making a good meal for someone, specially their favorite one, is an expression of love. This could be the best thing you can do for someone on their birthday.


These are some of the creative birthday celebration ideas at home that can bring some extra delight to your party plans. Try these ones out and let us know how you celebrated with some extra tinge of creativity. If you have some interesting suggestions to make, please let us know through your comments.