11 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That are Affordable & Easy to Organize

This Valentine’s Day date, let your spirit be free and wallets full. We have rounded up the best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for you that are easy to organise and easy on the pocket. It’s a special day for you and your partner so we have made sure that you have a stress free day full of joy, love and all the good stuff.


Here Are Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That are Easy to Organize

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas at Home

You can go easy on the pocket with these Valentine’s Day Celebration ideas at home. You can always take out a deck of cards and play a game of hearts with your partner. Also, In this health-conscious era, all we love is a healthy home cooked meal. So let’s look at some good ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day at home.

1. Breakfast in Bed

Nothing is more romantic in the morning than not having to get out of the blanket for breakfast. By eliminating all the steps required to get to get to eat, you can delight your partner with cupcakes, strawberries, teas, chocolates and cookies. After the stomach is full of delicious foods, you and your partner will be in a great mood throughout the day.

2. A Scavenger Hunt

You can buy a number of gifts and hide them around the house. Your partner has to solve riddles in order to find them. You might find it difficult to write the riddles but you can always use google. Your partner will enjoy going around the house and finding his or her gifts. Each gift can have a new riddle to solve.

3. Movie Night/ Netflix Binge

For all the movies buffs out there, why not munch some popcorns while you watch  Netflix and chill? You can go for a rom-com movie marathon or watch a complete season of your favourite show. Our favourite picks for Valentines Day are Before Sunrise (1995), Notting Hill (1999), To All the Boys I have Loved (2018), Sleepless in Seattle (1993), Hitch(2005), Wedding Crashers (2005) and if you like zombie movies, Shaun of The Dead (2004).

4. Couples Home Spa

You can ask a massage expert to come home and give you a soothing spa-like massage. Massaging is extremely beneficial for the body. The blood vessels and the neural system gets all the blockages opened up and hence you feel like you are in a new body. In this stressful modern era, getting a spa treatment is the only way to truly relax.

Outdoor Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

You can go easy on the pocket with these Outdoor Valentine’s Day Celebration idea. You can always go out for a dinner date. Also, In this health-conscious era, all we want activities which keep us on the hook. So let’s look at some good ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day at home.

5. Couples YOGA

Going to pubs and boozing is passe now as people are understanding that keeping the body happy with yogic postures helps the happy hormones to flow. The stream of consciousness achieved using yoga can help you disconnect with worldly vices and reconnect with your inner self.

6. Laser Tag

This is the most fun non-violent game involving guns which can be played by couples. Play against each other or in a team. You will be provided with a laser shooting gun and a sensor-laden vest. You have to protect yourself and shoot the other person before getting shot.

7. Rock climbing adventure

All the adrenaline junkies will love this as rock climbing is a team activity where one partner supports the other by telling him or her about where to place his limb next. It builds trust and gives a boost to your adrenaline. Insist on a trainer if going in for the first time. Also, it’s important to buy a good pair of shoes perfect for rock climbing. To stay pumped up during the climb, you guys would need to listen to some peppy music. Here are some songs to help you out with your playlist.

8. Couples photo shoot

We live in a world dictated by Instagram and its always fun to get decked out to get photos clicked. You can ask a pro photographer to arrange interesting scenes and backgrounds while you change your wardrobes for different shots. You can also go for these funny couple photo shoot ideas.

9. Pottery Class

One of the oldest crafts practised by humans, pottery has a meditative and flirtatious quality in it. The results of beginners in pottery can usually be hilarious, which adds to the charm of the activity. You can get your hands dirty with it and hence romantic. You will feel great once you have made any creation and would love to take it home for your memories.

10. Biking Date

Tandem bikes on rent these days is a google search away and is a lot of fun. It requires teamwork and endurance and can be a lot of fun if the weather is right. You can bike your way to your favourite coffee shop or movie hall and feel refreshed. Your partner will enjoy spending time with you as both of you are two wheels of a cycle. After the biking activities, you would feel like having something sweet. Here is a selection of delicious desserts you can satisfy your stomach with.

11. Workout

Going to the gym together is an absolute must if one of you is a fitness freak And be sure to praise each other’s physique and stamina during the workout! It is intensely romantic and fun to workout together. Salads are a healthy option for a workout diet. You can read our Salad Special here.


With these ideas, you are set to have a great romantic tryst with your lover. Make it special by asking him or her about what all are their preferences. If you are looking for gifting ideas for your husband, you can pick some from here.