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How To Create A Courteous COVID Wedding Invitation?

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In India, the way you invite your guest represents the amount of respect you have for them. We all must have heard stories of guests who didn’t show up because they didn’t feel welcomed enough. If you are planning to tie the knot in the midst of this pandemic either through a virtual wedding or a 50 guest wedding, invitation cards play an important role. You need to carefully design them and reach out to your guests.

Components that will make your COVID wedding invitation stand out.

  1. Choose your Aesthetics

    With these social distance weddings turn trials into triumphs by designing your Covid-19 themed wedding cards. Use figurines wearing masks and depicting social distancing. Romanticise your fight against the coronavirus by embellishing your card with a modern take on precaution based wedding.

    Covid wedding card Covid wedding card

  2. Separate the invites

    In Pre-COVID world, the cards were divided into bride and groom families, but now your card will be divided into 50 guests invited for their physical presence and the rest for their virtual presence. Create separate personalized invite for both. Mention instructions on ways to access your wedding virtually. Provide links, website and QR Code.

    covid wedding invites virtual Covid wedding invitation

  3. Don’t forget the Basics

    A basic card should have the following elements:

    Host line: Invitee of the event. They could be the bride and groom or their parents or their grandparents.

    Invitation line: It is a line to request the presence of your guests to honour the occasion.

    Couples name: Names of the couple to be wedded.

    Parents and Grandparents name: Previously only the paternal grandparent’s name was mentioned but we change in eras both side grandparent’s names are mentioned.

    Information line: It includes the time, date, venue and event information.

    Religious prayer or verse: A small sentence about the purity of wedding bonds or asking for God’s blessing.



    covid wedding invitation wordingModern cards also include:

    Gift related information: Since social distancing is a must so physical gifts should be avoided. Go for virtual gifts or just their blessings for the new phase of your life.

    Wedding hashtag: It a new trend to add a hashtag which combines the bride’s and groom’s name to increase the social media buzz of their wedding. 

    Google Map link: New age couples also add the location of their nuptial in their wedding cards through google maps.

  4. Add the Precautions

    Since your wedding is in the midst of the pandemic it’s necessary to reassure the guests that you will go through all the safety precautions. Write the guidelines of the safety procedure to be followed in your wedding. To know all the precautions check out our blog on Wedding Safety Precations.

    covid-19 safety precautions in wedding invites

  5. Spread the Word

    You should decide on the medium to spread information about the marriage based on the number of weeks left to your wedding date. If you have 10+ weeks, then you can print the card and send out the invites through courier service. Don’t forget to call all the guests individually.  Have 8 weeks or less then you should instead of relying on postal service E-mail the card to each person and text or call them along with that. If you are planning to postpone the wedding for some uncontrollable circumstances, then to declare it, check our ideas on wedding postponement cards


    Covid wedding card updates Covid wedding card updates websites and updates on wedding cardsIf you want to take every precaution possible, check out our Wedding Safety Package. We wish for your wedding to be safe and prosperous. 

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