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Dance Party Ideas for Your Gathering Will Leave You Amazed

The party is on the dance floor!! And if you are the host, then along with fun, comes the responsibility. Ample amount of questions and ideas hit your mind resulting only in confusion. Here are some of the exciting dance party ideas which could make your process less complicated and more enraptured and delighted.


You are invited to…..!!

Party members are the one who create the mood. For them to join your party, inviting them in a correct way is the most important task. With all the technologies in your hand, design a funky and attractive but simple invitation which would make people leave their all work behind and join your party!! Check out the link below for some ideas of our invitation where you can also create invitations.

Dance Party

Make Your Playlist

PLAY THE DJ IN YOU!! If you are bored of hiring a DJ, make your own playlist and show some dance steps on it! Give your dance party an upgrade, instead of a DJ, play some music on Spotify or TuneIn radio and get everyone moving and grooving on your own music.

Dance Party

Dress Up in Costumes

Invite everyone to come to the party in themed costumes! Just remind your guests to make sure they can still move well in their attire of choice. Don’t forget to pay-off their efforts taken for you. Arrange some exciting awards (best couple in costume, or some movie costumes, etc.) or prize of some passes of dance class to the winning person or couple.

Dance Party

Light Up the Room

If you are planning for a dance party at your house, set the ambiance for your dance party with some dazzling light design. Disco balls, colored lights and projections can turn any dark room into a fun night club.

Dance party

Open Bar Party

Drinks are the best dance fuel. So supply your dance party guests with unlimited drinks. Take the dance party out of the nightclub and bring it to your next gathering. No matter what music you and your friends like to move to, you can create a rocking dance party just with drinks where everyone will have a blast.

Dance Party

Throw a Theme Party

Choosing a theme for your dance party will make the rest of the planning a breeze, because a theme will be your party layout.  Great dance party themes are a Halloween theme, decade theme, regional theme, a tribute night theme where you play all the best hits of one prolific artist.

Dance Party

Party Games

Guest would get tired dancing non-stop!! Keep some refreshing games in the party which everyone can take part in. This activity will keep your guests happy, entertained and laughing all the way to the end. It will truly be a party that your guests won’t soon forget.

Dance Party

DJ Wale Babu…Gaana BAJAO!

If you are planning to throw a party on the dance floor or in pub or disco, then hiring a DJ is must. It’s not a dance party without music, of course. But the source of the music makes all the difference. Ask your guests to come prepared with song requests in mind so that everyone can have a good time dancing to music they know.

Dance Party

Take the dance party out of the nightclub or at your house and bring it to your next gathering. No matter what music you and your friends like to move to, you can create a rocking dance party where everyone will have a blast. These dance party ideas will give you all the inspiration you need to host the perfect shindig.

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