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How To Date During COVID?

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Apart from all the havoc this virus has created, it has also emerged to be the biggest bane for any couple. Not meeting for months during lockdown has been no less than a nightmare. Now with the lockdown being lifting, and the cases being rising, we have miles to go for this havoc to finally end. Sadly, dating at present as well as shortly is not going to be the same as before. Hence, people need to take all the precautions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. We present you few precautionary ways to date during COVID.

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Here are the precautions you must take if you’re dating during COVID:

1. Always Wear Gloves and a Mask During a Date:

If you are going to meet new people and date you might as well take all the precautions such as to always wear gloves and masks. Since we all know this by now that people can catch the virus from others who have the virus through the air, hence masks are a necessity to filter out the air we are breathing. While outside, people tend to touch hundreds of things and then touch their faces unknowingly, hence gloves are important to keep the hands’ germs and virus free. We, from BookEventz value your safety and have come with the top quality mask and gloves you could purchase and use.

Always Wear Gloves and a Mask During a Date
Gloves and a Mask

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2. Always Carry Pocket Sanitization Spray to a Date:

There is nothing better than carrying a portable sanitization spray that allows you to sanitize your hands on the go. While going on a date, you need to make sure your hands are 100% disinfected before you begin to eat something at any café or restaurant. These sanitization sprays are cost-effective and one of the best investments you could make to keep yourself safe while going on a date. You can find this product on our website.

Always Carry Pocket Sanitization Spray to a Date
Pocket Sanitization Spray

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3. Use UV-CO 33L Machine For Gifts Received From Your Date:

Do you know the gifts or letters that you receive from your partner could also be infected? So, to make sure you’re not contacting the virus, sterilize your gifts with this UV-CO machine. This machine is portable and ensures the highest level of reliability and safety for your gifts. It provides 360 degrees of exposure and has a microprocessor-based controlling of sterile time. Simply put your gifts, letters inside the machine and let it get sterilized in a few minutes.

Use UV-CO 33L Machine For Gifts Received From Your Date
UV-CO 33L Machine


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4. Maintain a Distance of Six Feet From Your Date:

This might be difficult to follow for couples but to stay safe this precautionary step is a must. A six feet separation will help to minimize the chances to contact the virus from the other person.

Maintain a Distance of Six Feet From Your Date
Distance of Six Feet

Now that the lockdown is over, people are going to resume their dating life. But there are still numerous threats involved with that, things are not going back to normal anytime soon and everyone has to accept it. We need to learn and adapt to live through this but with taking necessary cautions. Therefore, we hope you abide by these precautionary ways that we’ve listed for you to be safe if you’re dating during COVID.

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