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Dining Table Décor 21 Ideas of 2021 to Make your House Look Appealing

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When it comes to home décor, dining table décor occupies a prominent place. It is because now-a-days it is a place where you do much more than just dine. So, it is an ideal place where we often end up chit chatting with our friends, have meetings, discussions, and entertain guests etc. And the dining table is also an object which occupies quiet a good amount of space in our homes. So, it becomes very important to keep it decorated and well dressed up. So, on today’s blog we will tell you about simple and non expensive ways to dress up your dining table. And to help you make it look both functional and elegant.

Mentioned below a good list of dining table décor ideas:

1. Table Cloth and Slip Cover

Table cloth and slip covers dramatically changes the look and feel of the dining area. So, ideally you choose very light colored material made out of silk or organza. And it will give you a sense of luxury and space. So, also the light colors have a flip-side as they are dirt magnets. And it gets soiled very easily. So, in case for daily use, you can choose prints and designs made out of cotton cloth which also makes it easy to wash.

Table cloth

Cocktail party

2. Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers liven up the ambience and add freshness to the entire setup. You can have an arrangement of long stemmed plants placed at the side of the table or you can opt for a center bowl with flowering plant or flowers. Make sure you check for the freshness of plants and flowers and change whenever they dry out.


3. Candles

If you like drama and a sense of elegance, then you can never go wrong with candles. There are a lot of varieties of candles that are available in the market today and you can choose your pick depending on where and how you want to place the candles. Check out for aroma candles which also freshen up the atmosphere in the entire house.


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4. Cutlery as Dining Table Décor

This is one the most eye catching and important elements of the dining table. So a lot of thought should be given to the kind of cutlery that is selected. Bone China works the best if you can live with their brittle and easily breakable nature. Forks and Spoons also need to be carefully select according to the cutlery chosen and needs to be arranged neatly and in proper order.


5. Pebbles Décor Dining Table

 A dining table can have pebbles in it. But you can also have a  bowl of pebbles on dining table. And it will give class to the dining table. So, put pebbles in bowl or inside the dining table is the best idea to decorate your dining table. And in fact you can put that in tray as well.


6. Stylish Hanging Chandelier

A modern dining room ideas can include a chandelier at the top of dining table. And this will give a perfect image of a modern yet classy image. So, decorate your dining table with subtleness.

Hanging Chandelier

7. Large Lamp for Dining Table Decoration

A huge lamp over the top of a dining table décor will look beautiful. And it will enlighten the dining room as well, whenever it lights up. So, try adding a yellow or even a white light lamp at the top of dining table.

Large Lamp for Dining Table Decoration

8. Woven Décor

A dining room decoration should always stand out. And that is why your upper wall of a dining table should also look appealing. So, making it a beautiful look a hand woven material will look good. 

Woven Décor

9. Antique Dining Table Centerpieces

To have an antique centerpiece at the dining table décor will give a fresh look to the table. So, an antique piece can be a beautiful vase and any other decorative item.

Antique Dining Table Centerpieces

10. Runner for Dining Table

A runner is in fashion these days. So, making it look classy you can even add runner to your dining table as well. And it will add style to your dining table too.

Runner for Dining Table

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11. Fruity Punch

To make your dining stand out you can add a basket of fruits like apple, orange, banana, and grapes etc. So, basically you can add any seasonal fruits to your dining table décor. And it will also be served to your guests.

Fruit Punch

12. Flower Vase

Adding fresh flower to your dining table will be an exciting idea. It is because your table will smell good. And at the same time it will look amazing and appealing to the guests.

Flower Vase

13. Unique Crockery

So, if you want your dining table stand out then you have to add a unique crockery to your table. And these crockery will spice up the dining table. So, your guests won’t help it but ask you a shop where you buy these crockery.

Unique Crockery

14. Fur Styled Table Cloth

If you want to give lavish feel to your dining table then add a fur table cloth. And it will give all the different look to the dining table. So, you will feel confident in front of your guests.

Fur Styled Table Cloth

15. Vintage Table Cloth

Table clothes has varieties of options. But it all depends on your taste of how you like it. And it also depends on which type of look you want to give to your dining table. So, keeping it a vintage way will look awesome.

Vintage Table Cloth

16. Matching Wall Drops

To make your dining table look classy you must have a matching wall. So, have a similar looking table with your walls. And it will look beautiful.

Matching Wall Drops

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17. Bright Table Setting

You can select a bright colored table for your dining. And it will make your dining table look bold. So, having a bold colors like yellow, lavender, and red etc. will give beautiful aura to your dining table.

Bright Table Setting

18. Champagne Bucket

To make your dining table a rich look put a champagne bucket to it. And it will make your dining table look elegant. So, try adding these stuffs to your dining table.

Champagne Bucket

19. Stylish Table

A stylish table will give a different look to the dining area. So, have unique table. And make your dining area look different and beautiful.

Stylish Table

20. Mirror Table Dining Table Décor

Mirror dining table is the best way to decorate your dining experience. So, to make things stand out have a glass material things. And it is the best way to shine.

Mirror Table Dining Table Décor

21. Marble Table

Marble table is the new way to decorate your dining table. And it will give a rich look to the dining area as well. So, try to incorporate these type of table in your dining space.

Marble Table

These were the basic and cost effective things that you can do to make your dining area liven up. There are many others things like Artworks, mirrors, statues, books etc. that you can add in your dining area to further add more spice and drama. The list can be endless depending on the kind of money that you are willing to spend. But that’s for sure not everybody’s cup of tea. So, just follow our simple, easy and affordable to-do list for that awesome and impressive looking dining table.

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