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Easy DIY Backdrop Ideas To Take Amazing Birthday Pics At Home!

Birthday’s around the corner? Looking forward to taking statement birthday pictures at home? Well, we got you! We present you a few easy ways to DIY and turn that one wall in your home into a photoshoot platform for your birthday. So, gather your tools, get into it and start DIYing with this fun and easy DIY backdrop ideas to take amazing birthday pics at home!

Here are a few easy DIY backdrop ideas:

1. DIY ‘Happy Birthday’ Garland:

For this idea, all you need is some coloured chart papers and some ribbons. This idea will work on any kind and colour of wall at your home. Blow up some coloured balloons and put them on the sides to complete the entire look!

  1. DIY ‘Happy Birthday’ Garland

2. DIY Dazzling Streamers:

This second DIY idea is super simple yet will look stunning while taking pictures with it. All you need to do is cut circles, could be of any colour you desire, stick them on a thread and attach the entire string of circles to a ribbon. For an added dramatic effect, you could use coloured metallic sheets such that if it would give out a vibrant look while reflecting light!

DIY Dazzling Streamers:


3. DIY Rainbow Balloon Arch:

For creating this beautiful rainbow arch all you need is balloons, lots of it of different colours! Keep attaching them together, colour coordinating with the colours of the rainbow and you’ll get an arch in no time!

DIY Rainbow Balloon Arch

4. DIY Polaroid Photobooth:

You could create this polaroid photo booth prop with just cardboard, chart paper and some sketch pens/crayons! Cut out some hearts or flowers and stick them along the borders for a complete look. Take pictures alone or in a group, it will definitely come out Instagram-worthy!

DIY Polaroid Photobooth

5. Fairy lights with DIY Flowers:

Sometimes fairly light is all you need to take some strikingly beautiful pictures! You could add some fairy lights of any colour you prefer along with your curtains. Works well if you have a cream or any light-coloured curtain if not then you can just throw up some white sheets on the wall and decorate it with fairy lights of your choice.

Fairy lights with DIY Flowers

You could also add some DIY flowers that are super easy to make!

DIY Rose

6. DIY ‘Happy Birthday’ Cardboard Banner:

For this DIY, you need large cardboard, chart paper of your choice and some sketch pens. You could either cut out the text or write indirectly on the chart paper. Next, cut out some random shapes and stick it all over the chart paper surrounding the text. How easy was it?!

DIY ‘Happy Birthday’ Cardboard Banner

7. DIY ‘Happy Birthday’ Cut-outs:

Another way of decorating is cutting out the text and the shapes and sticking it directly on the wall. Either way, it looks stunning!

DIY ‘Happy Birthday’ Cut-outs

8. DIY Balloon Decoration:

Balloons complete the look and are going to be a part of your party’s decoration anyway, so we’ve come up with an idea to glam it up as well. Cover the lower half of the balloons with glue and sprinkle some glitter over it for a dazzling effect!

DIY Balloon Decoration


These were a few easy DIY backdrop ideas that you could try at home for your birthday. Let us know which one you liked the most!