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Easy Wedding Hairstyles To Try Yourself At Home

Missing all the fun wedding shenanigans? Wanting a reason to get out of bed and do something with that hair that has been tied up in a bun for days? We’ve got your back then! We bring you a list of 10 super easy wedding hairstyles that you could try experimenting on at home without needing anyone’s help. And who knows any of these hairstyles might come handy soon. So, pull that hair down and get started with these fun and easy to do hairstyles!

Here are some easy wedding hairstyles that you could try yourself at home:

1. Twisted Bun:

This hairstyle will give you an effortless yet elegant look for any wedding. Add on some accessories like a fancy jewelled clip for a more glamorous look!

Twisted Bun

2. Elegant Low Bun:

This two-minute hairstyle looks so chic and classy especially when paired with a low back elegant dress! Secure the bun tightly with bobby pins and it is bound to stay like that all night long.

Elegant Low Bun

3. Twisted Waterfall:

This beautiful hairstyle is very versatile and looks gorgeous on hairs of any length! It doesn’t even require too many accessories, just 2-3 rubber bands should do the work. If you’ve straight hair then curl the ends for a more dramatic and fuller look!

Twisted Waterfall

4. Knotted Low Bun:

This is probably the easiest hairstyle on our list that you could do. The best part about this hairstyle is that the messier it looks, the more graceful vibe it gives. Let some loose strands on the sides and add some gems or accessories on the bun for a finished look!

Knotted Low Bun

5. Braided Bun:

This hairstyle requires some knowledge of braiding. But this cool and unique hairdo is sure to make some heads turn! You could also add pearls while braiding the hair for a more glamorous look.

Braided Bun


Braids With Pearls

6. Bow Tie Half Bun:

This cute and feminine hairstyle could be done in 2 minutes. We love how this would go with almost any kind of dress! Depending on the structure of your hair you could also add some loose waves to add more volume.

Bow Tie Half Bun

7. Layered Braid Bun:

As graceful as it looks, this hairstyle is sophisticated yet glam. You could add some flowers to add on to perfection!

Layered Braid Bun

8. Knotted Updo:

This hairstyle is perfect for someone who likes to let their hair loose. Just add a knot at the back and you are ready as ever for any wedding. Pair it with some statement earrings and you’ll look a million dollars!

Knotted Updo

9. Elegant Rose Bun:

This divine and Insta-worthy hairstyle is going to be your favourite for a while. As gorgeous and romantic as it looks, this hairstyle will be done in no time and you’ll be ready to rock the floor!

Elegant Rose Bun

10. Double Twisted Low Bun:

This showstopper hairdo when paired with a dazzling headband will make you look straight out of a Vogue magazine! It looks modern with a touch of the Victorian era.

Double Twisted Low Bun



These were some quick and easy wedding hairstyles that are super fun to try at home. Let us know which of these hairstyles were your favourite!