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How To Ensure You Are Eating Covid Free Vegetables?

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With this deadly virus hovering over the entire world, we need to take the utmost measure to keep ourselves safe. These infectious microbes can survive up to 72 hours on certain surfaces so it is necessary to take extra precautions while handling groceries to lower the risk of exposure. Are you sure you are consuming covid free vegetables?

We, from BookEventz, care about your safety and hence have come up with a set of precautions you must take to ensure the vegetables you are eating are Covid free.

BookEventz has launched a range of equipment for protection against COVID that you could purchase and use to disinfect your vegetables.

Here are the precautions you must take to consume Covid free vegetables:

1. Wear gloves and a mask while buying vegetables for covid free vegetables:

Gloves and mask will ensure that you’re not in direct contact with any contaminated object or surface and will ensure your safety while purchasing vegetables.

You can check out these items on our website or click on the image:

Gloves and mask- covid free vegetables
Gloves and mask

2. Wash your hands to ensure covid free vegetables:

After you’ve purchased your vegetables, don’t forget the most important step to wash your hands. Make it a habit such that it comes naturally to you. Make sure you’re washing your hands thoroughly for at least 15-20 seconds with a soap or detergent.

Wash hands-covid free vegetables
Wash hands

3. Use UV-PCO Multipurpose Sanitizer Machine to ensure covid free vegetables:

You can use one of our products which is a UV-PCO Multipurpose Sanitizer Machine. It uses UV-PCO technology to ensure 99.99% purity. Simply keep the vegetables inside the machine for it to get sanitized.

UV-PCO- covid free vegetables
UV-PCO machine

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4. Use UV-50 Sterilizing Chamber to ensure covid free vegetables:

This is another one of our products called UV-CO 50 which is a sterilizing chamber that ensures your vegetables are completely safe for consumption. Keep the vegetables inside the chamber to sterilize it.


UV-50- covid free vegetables
UV-50 machine

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5. Wash your vegetables to ensure covid free vegetables:

After you’ve washed your hands, the next step is to wash your vegetables. You can do so by rinsing the vegetables under running water and gently scrubbing them with hands. After doing so you can leave the vegetables in a tub filled with water for some time to ensure it is entirely disinfected. Leafy vegetables such as spinach, coriander should always be left in cold water for some time.

wash vegetables- covid free vegetables
Wash vegetables

6. Don’t add soap to ensure covid free vegetables:

According to the FDA, it is a complete myth that you need to add soap or detergent while washing the vegetables. Gently scrubbing the vegetables under running water is enough to disinfect them.

no soap- covid free vegetables
Don’t add soap

7. Wipe the vegetables to ensure covid free vegetables:

After the vegetables have been thoroughly washed the next step is to wipe them with a clean cloth and place them on a sanitized platform or in the refrigerator.

wipe vegetables- covid free vegetables
Wipe vegetables

8. Clean the grocery bag to ensure covid free vegetables:

Don’t forget about the bag that you used to carry the vegetables. Those bags should be washed properly with detergent or soap and dried before reusing them.

clean grocery bag- covid free vegetables
Clean grocery bag

9. Cook the vegetables to ensure covid free vegetables:

Heat kills all the germs that persist on the vegetables even after washing them. The optimal step is to cook the vegetables thoroughly to ensure the vegetables are COVID free as well as germs free.

cook vegetables- covid free vegetables
Cook the vegetables

10. Clean the tools to ensure covid free vegetables:

After cutting the vegetables, ensure that the knives, chopping board, and other kitchen tools used are also cleaned properly.

clean tools for covid free vegetables
Clean the tools

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