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How To Ensure The Safety Of Expectant Moms During COVID?

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With this persistent and stubborn virus affecting millions of lives over the past few months as well as taking the lives of thousands, the world remains to unite and fight against it without backing down. With the expected births of newborns in the coming time, this virus might bring about a series of complications to the expectant moms. Hence, to-be-mothers need to take the utmost measures for their safety during pregnancy and to avoid the threats that might be caused due to this virus. We bring you a list of precautions to ensure the safety of expectant moms during COVID.

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Here are some safety precautions expectant moms must take:

1. Always Wear Gloves and a Mask for Expectant Moms:

To avoid any risks at all, expected mothers should avoid going outside of the house at all unless some emergency. In case of an emergency, make sure you’re always wearing gloves and covering your nose and mouth with a good quality mask.

We, from BookEventz value your safety and have come with the top quality mask and gloves you could purchase and use.

Always Wear Gloves and a Mask for Expectant Moms
Gloves and a Mask

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2. Use a Pocket Sanitization Spray for Expectant Moms:

While out, we tend to touch several things and sometimes without even realizing it, which could even cost us our lives. Since expectant moms are very susceptible to being infected, it is advisable to take extra precautions while outside. A pocket sanitization will provide just that, it is portable and easy to use. Hence, expectant moms should always carry one with them at all times. It is cost-effective and can be charged anywhere using USB. This is a very important and useful spray as safety precautions for pregnant women.

Use a Pocket Sanitization Spray for Expectant Moms
Pocket Sanitization Spray

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3. Precautions with Groceries for Expectant Moms:

Groceries can also carry viruses with them so to ensure the safe consumption of groceries, the best way to sanitize them is by using sanitizer machines. Lucky for you, you can find all these products on our website. For ensuring expectant moms safety precautions, this step is very crucial.

  • The UV-PCO sanitizer machine uses UV-PCO technology to ensure 99.99% purity. It has adequate safety features to ensure no human direct contact with UV rays. Simply keep the groceries inside the machine for it to get sanitized.
Precautions with Groceries for Expectant Moms
UV-PCO sanitizer machine

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  • UV-CO 50 is another very important product that you can use to disinfect your groceries. It is a sterilizing chamber that ensures your vegetables are completely safe for consumption. It is very cost-effective and one of the best machines to use to ensure your groceries are 100% safe for consumption.
Precautions with Groceries for Expectant Moms
UV-CO 50

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4. Regular Check-ups for Expectant Moms:

Check-ups should be done online as it can be risky to go to the hospitals. Expectant mothers should ensure they are getting regular check-ups for their and their child’s well being. In case any symptoms show up, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately without wasting any time.

Regular Check-ups for Expectant Moms
Regular Check-ups

5. Follow a Balanced Diet for Expectant Moms:

Getting an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals is very crucial during this period. Expectant mothers should ensure they are following a balanced diet to keep their immunity strong. Strong immunity will also help them to fight against several health conditions that may arise.

Follow a Balanced Diet for Expectant Moms
A Balanced Diet

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