Top 20+ Interesting And Fun Games For Family Get Together

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We all know that a family reunion is very rare to happen. So you and your family need to enjoy the most of it. You must be thinking about what to do to enjoy with your family so there are many games for family get together.

1. Charades: Games For Family Get Together

Love to act? This game is for actors in the family. Divide the team in two and then team 1 will give a movie to the one player of the other team and that player have to act that movie without saying anything in 2 minutes and vice versa. Each correct guess will get you 1 point whoever at the last have the highest points win.


2. Balloon Stomp

This game might get a little rough but we know you guys will love this game. You need to blow up some balloons, tie one to each player’s ankle, then go around and try to pop everyone else’s balloon. Whoever has the last un-popped balloon is the winner.

Balloon Stomp

3. Tug Of War

So who is the strongest person in the family, take them on your team to win, Lol!  Take one big rope and in the middle tie one cloth and mark the center on the ground. Divide the team in two and stand opposite each other in a line. Then just pull, whoever crosses the center loses the game.

Tug Of War

4. Pitthu: Games For Family Get Together

A ’90s game is still the best game you can play with your family. In this also divide your family into two groups and collect 7 stones and make a pile from it. A person from the first team breaks the pile by throwing a ball at it and then the whole team will run. The other team players can pass the ball among each other so that they can hit the other team’s players who get out once hit. If team 1 makes Pitthu in spite of being stopped they win and vice versa.


5. Family Talent Show

We all know each and every person has a different talent. This is the best way to know about your family’s talents. A few of them are singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument, reciting poems, etc. Have fun with your family and we know you will be shocked to see so many of the hidden talents in your family. Not only with family, but you can also play this as a corporate party game to encourage and know more about your employees.

Family Talent Show

6. Antakshari

This game is for those who love to sing and for those who don’t know how to sing and still they make everyone laugh. Divide the whole family in two and then any one team start singing with any letter and whatever letter it will end the other team will start from it. Then this will continue and it will make the surrounding so much cheerful.


7. Housie: Games For Family Get Together

A very common Kitty party game which you can play with your family also. Players buy ticket books to play at the start of each session. A house caller selects numbers at random which are then announced to the players. Each player marks off the numbers on their ticket as they are called. A player wins if they can mark off all the numbers on their ticket first. There are many small awards you can win like rows, corners, highest and lowest, etc.


8. Musical Chair Game

A very fun-loving game where chairs are put in an alternate way. Players walk around the chairs when the music plays but when it stops the players have to try and find the chair with their name on it to sit in. The last person who is not able to find out the chair is considered to be out. Remove one chair and start again to play for the next round.

Musical Chair game

9. Cricket

No need to explain this game as this game is the most-loved game across the world. Each and every family member can play this game. This is a very traditional game and the rules are very easy so you don’t need to explain and waste your time. Just enjoy the best time with your family.


10. Sack Race: Games For Family Get Together

A very easy but harsh game. Make a start and finish line with the string. Then each person in the family stands inside the stack and holds on to the top of it. When one person yells go, hop as fast as you can to finish the line. Whoever comes first wins the game.

Sack Race

11. Lemon And Spoon Race

Do you consider yourself a master of balancing? Then this game you can easily win. So, the lemon is placed on a spoon, and the player has to hold the spoon in his mouth and walk toward the finish line without dropping the lemon. Then what are you waiting just for? just go and have fun.

Lemon And Spoon Race

12. Blind Fold

Very easy game, you just need one cloth to fold your eyes and the rest of the family members have to run in a pre-decided area so that you cannot catch them. If you caught anyone then he/she will be the one who will get blindfolded.

Blind Fold

13. Arm Wrestling

Let’s see who is the strongest person in the family. Only two players can play this game at a time. We don’t think that we have to explain this game much more.

Arm Wrestling

14. Atlas: Games For Family Get Together

A fun game of who knows more countries, states, cities, and towns in the group. Start naming places with the letter “S”, suppose Singapore then the other person will start with the letter “E” let’s say Egypt then the other person will start from T and this game will continue until someone will get stuck.


15. Blind Drawing

Super a simple pen and paper game, yet a pretty genius game where not-so-perfect drawing comes in handy. It’s like a broken communication game, only this time it is in the drawing. Draw what you sense then guess. In the end, you will see hilarious and unpredictable outcomes. Miscommunication can be good sometimes.

Blind Drawing

16. Story Time

When you know you have this big family and each and everyone has different life stories then why not know them. It will give you laughter, a life lesson, you’ll get to know more about that particular person. Your bond will become stronger.

Story Time
Three generation family sitting at a picnic table

17. Pop The Balloon

Let’s test whose lungs are the healthiest. Make teams of two persons each. One needs to blow the balloon, the other one has to sit on the balloon to burst it without touching hands. Whoever team will burst the highest balloons is the winner.

Pop The Balloon

18. 3 -Legged Race: Games For Family Get Together

Again two-player teams are required where each person with one leg is tied up together so that it looks like 3 legs. And then you have to coordinate with each other and run as fast as possible so that you can finish the line first.

3 -Legged Race

19. Dog And The Bone

This is one of my favorite games where two teams are made. Form a circle and place a cloth in the middle. Both teams stand opposite each other and each team person has given numbers. When the instructor shouts a number and two people with that number must get that cloth before the other. When one gets the cloth, the other person can try to tag them before they get back to their time. The team scores depending on how many times they manage to get the cloth.

Dog And The Bone

20. Throw Ball In The Pool Party

Everyone loves the swimming pool, right? then why not play a game inside the pool. Throwball is the best and risk-free game you can play inside the pool. You can play other pool games of your choice also.

Throw Ball In The Pool Party

21. Cards: Games For Family Get Together

There are various games of cards you can play as there is no end to it. Every family member loves to play cards.


22. Scavenger Hunt

A very interesting game, this might be the new one for the senior citizens but they will enjoy the game for sure. Create a list of things to find and decide the time limit. Give members the list and let them scavenge around and find all the things on the list. The player who ticks everything off on their list first before the time is up, wins.

Scavenger Hunt

That’s it from our side. We tried covering most of the games so that each age group member can play. We hope that you spend the most beautiful and precious day of your life in the best way. Enjoy every second of that day.

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