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As we all know Gudi Padwa is coming on Saturday, 2 April 2022 and it is the traditional new year for Marathi and Konkani Hindus. People celebrate this occasion with utmost enthusiasm and happiness. We are here with 45 best Happy Gudi Padwa wishes, quotes in English, and Marathi.

Short Happy Gudi Padwa Wishes

1. May this New Year courier the advent of prosperity for you and your family. Happy Gudi Padwa!

2. May God bless you with all that you have dreamt of. May you be blessed with his choicest blessings on this auspicious day of Gudi Padwa.

3. Good wishes for a joyous Gudi Padwa and a Happy New Year wish for plenty of peace and prosperity.

4. May each day of this New Year be bright and beautiful. Wishing you a very Happy Gudi Padwa!

5. May the flavors of Gudi fill your life in the following year. Happy Gudi Padwa!

6. A new hope, a new beginning, and a new dream are willing to unfold. Hope this year will bring millions of happiness.

7. May you be blessed with loads of love and success in each and every way from God. Happy Gudi Padwa!

8. May this Ugadi bring you a new spirit new beginning and millions of joys. Wishing you a very happy Gudi Padwa!

9. I hope this Ugadi will fulfill all your’s and your’s family dreams have ever wished for this upcoming year. Wishing you a fruitful Gudi Padwa!

10. No wish is small or big as long as it comes straight from the heart. Hope this Ugadi wish finds you in good spirit.

11. New Year’s Day is all about hope and happiness. And Gudi Padwa is an occasion to cherish and make memories.

12. Here’s wishing that my rangoli adds more colors to your spring, just the way you do to our friendship! Wish you a bright and colorful Gudi Padwa!

13. May you are showered with happy times and moments of glory in this coming year. Sending lots of love and best wishes on Gudi Padwa.

Short Happy Gudi Padwa Wishes

Quotes for Gudi Padwa Wishes

14. The raw mangoes, neem, and jaggery represent the sour, bitter, and sweet flavors of life. May the flavors of Ugadi fill your life in the coming year.

15. Blessed is the one who has learned to Admire but not to envy. Good Wishes for a joyous Ugadi and a Happy New Year with plenty of Peace and Prosperity.

16. A new ray of light, a new beginning of success coming your way, wish you the best life could offer. On this special Gudi Padwa Day.

17. This Gudi Padwa, may your enemies become friends, the darkness of negativity fade away from your life, and you discover a new person within you. Happy Gudi Padwa!

18. May the energies of celebrations and good times of Gudi Padwa extend beyond this day and make each and every day of our lives a more beautiful one. Happy Gudi Padwa to the one who is close to my heart and has been with me in all ups and downs.

19. Sweet and Sour, here I’m wishing you luck in every aspect of life. This Gudi Padwa will fill your life with joy and smile, your stomach with sweet and spicy on this Ugadi. Happy Gudi Padwa!

20. Wishing you joyous festivities and a bounty of good luck and prosperity. Happy Gudi Padwa!

21. I am missing you this Gudi Padwa and this wish comes from my heart that you may be blessed all through the year. Wish you and your family a wonderful start. Happy Gudi Padwa.

22. One more year of success and a smile, new experiences, and dreams every mile. May you find new paths to tread and have a wonderful year ahead. Happy Gudi Padwa.

Quotes for Gudi Padwa Wishes

Gudi Padwa Wishes Whatsapp Status

23. Wishing a very warm and blessed Gudi Padwa to you and your loved ones. May you enjoy this festive occasion with high spirits and lots of love around.

24. May the festival of Gudi Padwa bring you luck, success and happiness. May all your dreams come true and best wishes to you and your family. Happy Gudi Padwa!

25. On this Gudi Padwa good luck, success, and happiness from our family to yours. Happy Gudi Padwa.

26. This Gudi Padwa, let the Gods bestow health, luck, happiness, and prosperity on you. Happy Gudi Padwa.

27. It is what we called a Festival, with new dresses like Sharara dresses or Indian dresses, tasty food, a caring family, and lovely friends. Be happy on this day of Gudi Padwa.

28. Some days are good, some bad. Sometimes you are happy, sometimes sad. This Gudi Padwa, I wish you, dear, a year of happiness, with friends and family near. Happy Gudi Padwa.

29. One year has gone One New Year comes, It happened so and it’ll always be so, But you can make it a better one Happy Ugadi.

30. I am sending you my best wishes on this Gudi Padwa. I hope you enjoy this new year with immense happiness and positivity.

Gudi Padwa Wishes Whatsapp Status

Happy Gudi Padwa Wishes to Loved One

31. As we celebrate Gudi Padwa, I wish that this year our bond of love is showered with more blessings and strength by the Almighty for a wonderful future.

32. I wish that Lord Ganesha showers his blessings and gives good fortune to your entire family. Happy Gudi Padwa.

33. This auspicious festival should bring a lot of hope and new happiness to our life. Happy Gudi Padwa dear husband.

34. Gudi Padwa is the time to share a good laugh and happiness with your partner. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead full of lovely memories.

35. Gudi Padwa is a symbolic festival that pronounces life as neither completely sour nor completely sweet. Wishing you a Happy Gudi Padwa!

36. I convey my best wishes to you on this Gudi Padwa. May your life be filled with laughter, positivity, and success.

37. You look as beautiful as I saw you for the first time. Happy Gudi Padwa dear.

38. Let’s welcome this Gudi Padwa festival with bright sparkles of smiles and a heart full of contentment. Happy Gudi Padwa dear husband.

Happy Gudi Padwa Wishes to Loved One

Gudi Padwa Wishes in Marathi

39. Chitrachi Soneri PahatNavya Swapnachi Navi LaatNava Armbha, Nava VishwasNavya Varshachi Hich Tar Khari SurvatGudi Padvachya Hardik Shubhechha.

40. Srikhand puri, sonyachi gudiNav varshchi suruwat ho nyaariSukh, samruddhi ani samadhaanSadaiva nando aaplya daariGudi Padwyachya hardik shubheccha.

41. गुढी पाडव्याला दाराबाहेर रांगोळी काढून गुढी उभारली जाते. घरात गोड स्वयंपाक केला जातो. एकमेकांना गुढी पाडव्यानिमित्त शुभेच्छा दिल्या जातात. नवीन कपडे, सोने खरेदी, वाहने किंवा नवीन व्यवसायाची सुरवात करण्यासाठी हा अगदी शुभ दिवस आहे. विजय आणि समृद्धीचे प्रतीक असलेली उंच गुढी हि देखील हेच दर्शवते कि होणारे कार्य आभाळासारखे उंच प्रगतीदायक ठरो.

42. वसंताची पहाट घेऊन आली, नवचैतन्याचा गोडवा, समृद्धीची गुढी उभारू, आला चैत्र पाडवा. गुढीपाडव्याच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!

43. सुरु होत आहे नवीन वर्ष, मनात असू द्या नेहमी हर्ष, येणारा नवीन दिवस करेल नव्या विचारांना स्पर्श, हिंदू नव वर्षाच्या आणि गुढीपाडव्याच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!

44. गुढी उभारून आकाशी, बांधून तोरण दाराशी, काढून रांगोळी अंगणी, हर्ष पेरुनी मनोमनी, करू सुरुवात नव वर्षाची गुढीपाडव्याच्या शुभेच्छा!

45. जगावरील कोरोनाचे संकट टळून, सर्वांना निरोगी आयुष्य लाभो, हीच या शुभदिनी सदिच्छा! गुढीपाडव्याच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!

Gudi Padwa Wishes in Marathi

We Bookeventz wholeheartedly wish you and your family Happy Gudi Padwa. May you and your family be blessed with all the happiness and success you have dreamed of. Learn from the past year and welcome the new year with a big smile on your beautiful face.

We have written 45 wishes and we expect you to write 46 on the list. Also, do tell us in the comment section, In what way do you celebrate Gudi Padwa?

Thank you for reading.

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