Indian Wedding Rituals that are Strange: Part 2 (Funny)

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The diversity of India is reflected in its people, food, language and most of all in its wedding traditions. A wedding in the north can be completely different from one celebrated in the south.  While there are a lot of common wedding rituals, some are pretty much fun. Let’s look at some fun Indian Wedding rituals!

Here are Indian Wedding Rituals That are Fun

1. Tearing Away The Groom’s clothes

In Sindhi weddings, the groom’s clothes are torn away on the occasion of ‘Sainth’. It is a fun activity which signifies the entrance of the groom in a new life. The torn clothes are left behind with the innocence of Pre-Marital life.

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2. Attacking the Groom with a Sword

A tradition known as ‘Toran Bandana’ in Rajasthan gives the bride a chance to test the sword fighting skills of his to-be-husband. She attacks the groom with a sword by swinging it at him to see if he ducks or gets injured. Although it sounds dangerous, it is only a mock play!

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3. Kaal Ratri

It’s the Bengali ritual where the couple has to sleep separately on the first night. It does give a breather to the bride and groom who are tired after the exhausting rituals, but it certainly is not enjoyed by them!

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4. Pull the Nose/ Ear

In Gujarati Weddings, the mother-in-law of the groom pulls his nose to see if he has a long one. A long nose signifies that a person constantly lies. Similarly, in Maharashtrian weddings, the bride’s brother is supposed to twist the groom’s ear. This playful and fun ceremony helps break the ice between the bride’s and groom’s family.


5. Shoe Hiding Ceremony

Joota-Chupai is an integral part of most Indian weddings. The sisters of the bride are supposed to catch hold of the groom’s shoes when he sits on the mandap. Then they ask for a heavy ransom in order to let the groom leave. All this results in a lot of entertaining bargaining between the bride’s and groom’s families.

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6. Fish Compatibility Test

In some Manipuri weddings, a male and female fish are released in a pond together by the groom’s and wife’s families respectively. If they are observed to be swimming together, it is assumed that the marriage will be successful.

7. A ‘Tomatina‘ Welcome

In a small village in Bihar, ‘Baraatis’ are welcomed with tomatoes. The ritual is like a mini Tomatina of sorts and is celebrated in good humour by both sides.

8. Feet Over Feet

In some Sindhi weddings, the bride and groom play a game where they play a foot fight. The goal is to keep one’s foot above the other. Since this game is played in a jovial spirit, the onlookers are able to figure out that who will get to play an upper hand in married life!

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In conclusion, traditions sometimes get a new meaning with the changing times and some turn out to be regressive. Arya Samaj weddings have their own set of rituals which are interesting. Here is a look at Arya Samaj Marriage Procedures, Rituals & Everything You Need to Know about It

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