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What Morning Walk Precautions to take during Covid-19?

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The government eased some lockdown rules with the release of guidelines for Unlock 1.0. According to which the people can go for Morning walks but with the recent debacle of social distancing norms at Marine drive, Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is important to lay some ground rules for morning walk precautions. Six Precautions to practice while on a Morning Walk with these music references.

  1. Morning Walk Precautions: Six Feet Apart

    While listening to Alec Benjamin’s wordplay with “Six feet apart” during your morning jog, it is crucial to remember the social distancing rules. Try to stay at a distance of 6 ft (1-meter) from other people. Don’t use this morning venture to catch-up with your friends and neighbours.

  2. Morning Walk Precautions: Mask yourself

    LAAT’s high beat techno-music sounds like a great choice for morning exercises. At the same time use his song name “Mask yourself” as a reminder to wear Masks or Face shield as protective gears while on a walk. This will protect you from the airborne spread of Coronavirus.

  3. Morning Walk Precautions: Hands to myself

    When Selena Gomez sang “Can’t keep my hands to myself, No matter how hard I’m trying to…”. She didn’t know there will be a time when there will be stringent rules against it. While on your trot, don’t touch any surface unnecessarily. Also, avoid touching your face. Wear Nitrile or Latex gloves to protect yourself from the spread of the virus through physical contact.

  4. Morning Walk Precautions: Road Less Travelled

    Although Lauren Alaina said “trust your rebel heart” and “take the road less travelled”, we agree with only a part of her message. Being a rebel won’t serve in these difficult times but surely try jogging at a less crowded place or else it would defeat the purpose of improving your health. Also, choose those timings when there is less crowd.

    People taking a walk in marine lines after Unlock 1.0 without taking Morning Walk Precautions
    People taking a walk in marine lines after Unlock 1.0
  5. Zone out

    If your area comes under the containment zone, stop your urge to go out then and there. It will be one step ahead and two-step back since it will be more harm than good. Take care of yourself and your family and go out only for buying essentials. Try some exercise at home to keep yourself fit.

    Go out only for essentials if you are in a containment zone

  6. Post Morning Walk Precautions: Diss-infect your belongings

    Though diss-tracks are fun to listen but don’t distract yourself from the fact that, once you reach your home you need to disinfect all the belongings you carried with yourself for your fitness run. To disinfect your belongings you should use Chemshield UV-PCO Multipurpose Sanitizer Machine as it kills 99.9% virus using UV-PCO technology.

    UV-PCO Sanitizing machine to disinfect morning walk belongings.
    UV-PCO Sanitizing machine

    Follow the above rules to ensure absolute safety while going for a morning walk. Keep fit and do share with use your fitness tips during these changing times. To check all our products, visit

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