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Nykaa Beauty Kit Essentials that will Help you be Ready for the Wedding

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Nykaa beauty kit essentials are the must having on the wedding day. So, brides can have this for her wedding. And it will her be ready for the wedding as well.

  1. Nykaa Bridal Makeup Kit

    You can buy Maybelline bridal makeup kit from Nykaa. And you can include lipstick, eyeshadow palette, mascara, loose powder, foundation, and concealer. So, if you are looking for some long running lipstick then stick to Maybelline ‘super stay’ lipstick. And if don’t want to spend much on eyeshadow palette because you will have your bridal makeup from the parlor. Then go with ‘city palettes’. It is because they have some really nice colors and they are small in size too. And for mascara ‘Volume Express The Colossal’ one is very nice. So, Maybelline has some really nice range of shades and varieties in loose powder, foundation, and concealer as well.

    1. Maybelline ‘Super Stay’ Lipstick

    Maybelline 'Super Stay' Lipstick

    2. City Palettes


    3. Volume Express The Colossal

    Volume Express The Colossal

  2. MAC Makeup Kit Nykaa

    MAC is of course a costly brand. But it has good quality products. So, if you want you can just have few very helpful items from MAC. And you need not to worry about the authenticity of the product because Nykaa is here to sort it out. So, you can just buy lipstick mini worth Rs.1050 and a prep + primer fix+ mini worth Rs.1200. But trust me guys you will going to love these two products when you will have post marriage functions makeup.

    1. MAC Mini Lipstick

    mac mini lipstick

    2. MAC Prep + Primer Fix+ Mini

    mac prep + primer fix+ mini

  3. Nykaa Makeup Brush Set

    Nykaa has really good range of brush set for your wedding. So, whether you want a professional makeup brush or you are just looking for beginner’s brush, Nykaa has all it. So, for professionals type Nykaa has ‘Allure set of 15 rose gold brush set’ worth Rs.3495, “Allure’ has just 6 brush sets as well, at Rs.2089. And more than that Nykaa has PAC set of 14 brushes at 4950. So, for beginner’s, Nykaa has “Kylie’ set of brushes at just Rs.299. And most importantly Nykaa always offers you a good discounts on its products.

    1. Allure Set of 15 Rose Gold Brush Set

    Allure set of 15 rose gold brush set

    2. Allure Essential Set of 6

    Allure Essential Set of 6

    3.  PAC Set of 14 Brushes

    PAC Set of 14 Brushes

    4. ‘Kylie’ Set of Brushes

    Kylie' set of brushes

  4. Nykaa Cosmetics Kit

    You will find a wide range of brands and its authentic products on Nykaa. So, Nykaa has products for all types of people. And that means you can have an affordable and expensive products both at the same place. So, you can buy any sort of cosmetics like lipstick, lip liner, eye liner, brushes, women and men’s grooming products, an eye curler, etc. And you can find any foreign and Indian brands on this platform. So, for that Nykaa has newly launched Chanel on its website. And it is also getting household popularity even in India also, just because of Nykaa. So, other than this Nykaa has MAC, Maybelline, Nykaa brand, Lakme, Loreal,  Himalaya, Biotique, PAC, Makeup Revolution, and Sugar, etc.

    1. Chanel Cosmetic Kit

    Chanel Cosmetic Kit

    2. MAC Cosmetic Kit

    MAC Cosmetic Kit

    3. Maybelline Cosmetic Kit

    Maybelline Cosmetic Kit

    4. Nykaa Brand Cosmetic Kit

    Nykaa Brand Cosmetic Kit

    5. Lakme Cosmetic Kit

    Lakme Cosmetic Kit

    6. Loreal Cosmetic Kit

    Loreal Cosmetic Kit

    7. Himalaya Cosmetic Kit

    Himalaya Cosmetic Kit

    8. Biotique Cosmetic Kit

    Biotique Cosmetic Kit

    9. PAC Cosmetic Kit

    PAC Cosmetic Kit

    10. Makeup Revolution Cosmetic Kit

    Makeup Revolution Cosmetic Kit

    11. Sugar Cosmetic Kit

    Sugar Cosmetic Kit

  5. Nykaa Skin Care Kit

    For skin care also Nykaa has many things to offer. And it has night and day skin care products too. So, for skin care Nykaa has ‘MCaffine’s Coffee look gift set’, ‘Kama Ayurveda must have skin care gift box’, ‘The Beauty Co. Chocolate coffee combo for skin revitalizing’. Again it has ‘Decadent spa collection’, and ‘Plum green tea glow pack gift set’, etc. So, these sets can be used by brides as Nykaa beauty kit. And ‘Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Multi-Recovery Complex’ oil is also come as a night care regime.

    1. MCaffine’s Coffee Look Gift Set

    MCaffine's Coffee look gift set

    2. Kama Ayurveda Must Have Skin Care Gift Box

    Kama Ayurveda must have skin care gift box

    3. The Beauty Co. Chocolate Coffee Combo for Skin Revitalizing


    4. Decadent Spa Collection

    Decadent spa collection

    5. Plum green Tea Glow Pack Gift Set


    6. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Multi-Recovery Complex


  6. Full Makeup Kit Nykaa

    If you are planning to do give all your makeup products to the parlor then you will get it all at Nykaa. And for a full makeup kit of face you will need primer, moisturizer, foundation, compact, concealer, and compact. So, for eye makeup you will need eye primer, eyeshadow palette, eye liner, mascara, eyelash curler, false eyelashes, and eyebrow pencil or gel. And for lips you will get lip moisturizer or lip balm, lipstick, and lip liner. So, you will need all these things as a Nykaa makeup kit.

    Full Makeup Kit Nykaa

  7. Nykaa Makeup Kit Box

    You can also have just all the products from ‘Nykaa cosmetics’ brand only. It is because Nykaa has launched all the essential makeup kit for brides. So, ‘Nykaa Just Wink It’ is a 12 color eyeshadow palette. And it has 5 different shades as well. And for highlighter ‘Nykaa Glow Goals! Shimmer Brick Highlighter Palette’. So, it has 4 shades. For blush, ‘Nykaa Get Cheeky! Blush Duo palette’ is one of the option with 3 shades. So, for nail polish Nykaa has ‘Nykaa Dreamy Nudes Nail Enamel Combo’ is one type of nail paint. And for lipstick one type of lipstick is ‘Nykaa So Creme’. Likewise, Nykaa has all the varieties of products in ‘Nykaa Cosmetics’. And apart from that Nykaa has really affordable products. So, anyone can opt this for their wedding. Nykaa Makeup Kit Box

  8. Body Shower Nykaa Set

    For body shower Nykaa has ‘Nykaa Wanderlust Cherry Blossom Bath and Body combo’. And it is the most loved body shower by Nykaa. So, it is found in lavender, strawberry, Mediterranean sea salt, country rose, and Sicilian sweet pea, etc. Apart from that ‘MCaffine Coffee Body Toning and Polishing Kit’ is also available on Nykaa. So, these are the Nykaa beauty kit essentials for your wedding.

    1. Nykaa Wanderlust Cherry Blossom Bath and Body combo


    2. MCaffine Coffee Body Toning and Polishing Kit

    MCaffineCocktail party

  9. Nykaa Shampoo for Bride

    For shampoo, Nykaa has ‘De Fabulous Reviver shampoo and conditioner’. And ‘Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus Instant Hair Refresh’ is an another one choice. So, ‘Wella Professionals INVIGO Nutri Enrich Deep Nourishing Mask, Shampoo & Conditioner Combo’ is an another choice of shampoo. And apart from all these Nykaa also has shampoo of Loreal, Sunsilk, Dove, Matrix, and Schwarzkopf Professional, etc. And it can be used as a Nykaa beauty kit by the brides of 2021.

    1. De Fabulous Reviver Shampoo and Conditioner

    De Fabulous Reviver shampoo and conditioner

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus Instant Hair Refresh


3. Wella Professionals INVIGO Nutri Enrich Deep Nourishing Mask, Shampoo & Conditioner Combo


4. Schwarzkopf Professional Nykaa Beauty Kit

Schwarzkopf Professional nykaa beauty kit

So, if you are looking for Nykaa beauty kit products have a look at the above contents.

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