What Precautions should Hair and Beauty Salon take Post Covid-19 Lockdown?
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What Precautions should Hair and Beauty Salon take Post Covid-19 Lockdown?

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All customer-facing businesses have faced a blow but when it comes to businesses which involve physical contact, they have faced a fatal one. To be resilient it is important to accommodate the new practices. Though these businesses don’t come under essential services, people heavily rely on them for their impression on others. To re-open hair and beauty salon, salon precautions COVID-19 will be the highest-selling proposition.

Five salon precautions to ensure customer and employee safety during this pandemic

  1. Set-up a booking system

    Create a pre-booking system to provide customers with specific time slots. If you prefer an offline method, you could keep an early hour of the day to take up appointments for the day through calls. You could take up appointments through WhatsApp or Google Sheets by asking customers about their basic information, services they require and preferable time slots. You can also create a basic website or app to take bookings which will automatically provide customers proper time slots. Make sure the customer abides by the time slot provided. It will also reduce the waiting time for customers, so it’s a win-win situation.

    Schedule for hair and beauty salon Schedule for hair and beauty salon

  2. Re-decor your working space

    People will look for a studio which reflects safety more than style. Make sure the seats provided to the customers for their grooming is at a safe distance from each other. At the appointment desk, set-up an Acrylic Sneeze Guard, so the receptionist is safe from any viruses. Buy a separate pair of tools, serums, creme and lotions for each Salon chairs.

     Acrylic Sneeze Guard for hair and beauty salon precautions covid-19

  3. Disinfect and Dispose

    Install a UV-PCO Multipurpose Sanitizing machine to disinfect all the tools required for grooming your customers. Use disposable sheets and towels for clients, so a fresh one is used each time. Sterilize the chair using Electric Nano Disinfectant Spray Gun. Disinfect the whole working space in breaks using the Disinfectant Cold Fogging Machine.

    UV-PCO Multipurpose Sanitizing machine Electric Nano Disinfectant Spray Gun  Disinfectant Cold Fogging Machine

  4. Gear up your Employees

    Provide your employees with Personal Protective Equipment so as to reduce contact and droplet exposure. Sanitize the PPE kit before wearing it, using the Electric Nano Disinfectant Spray Gun. Give them instructions and guidance on how to go about their task with all safety procedures. Check time to time if they are following the code of conduct.

    Personal Protective Equipment for hair and beauty salon

  5. Ensure customer safety

    As soon as the customer enters the studio, check their temperature using Infrared Thermometer. Keep a Foot Pedal Sanitizer Machine at the entrance of the studio, to disinfect their hands. If the customer hasn’t carried gloves or mask with them, provide them with disposable mask and gloves. Register their entry and make them fill a form about their symptoms and register the location they arrived from. Use disposable sheets and towels for their grooming. Once the service is done, payments should be preferred online. If they give cash, sterilize it using UV-PCO Multipurpose Sanitizing machine. If a customer is of age more than 55, you can provide a service at their house.

     Infrared Thermometer to measure customer's temperature  Foot Pedal Sanitizer Machine at the entrance of the studio

    We hope you are able to relaunch your business in full swing with these precautionary measures. If you have some more ideas to provide safer grooming service please share with us. Do check our Business Readiness Package on https://www.bookeventz.com/market.



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