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Precautions To Be Taken While In A Social Gathering

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With the lockdown being coming to an end, and the regular activities starting to resume, social gatherings are also going to be permitted soon. We have longed to celebrate functions such as festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, poojas, with our friends and families for a long time now and it is only a matter of time when we can get to celebrate it again. But only this time we have to take a lot of precautions while being in a social gathering. We must not forget we are still in a battle against COVID and we have to take every precaution we can to keep ourselves safe. We, from BookEventz, care for your safety and have brought you a few precautions you could take while in a social gathering.

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Here are a few precautions you could take while in a social gathering:

1. Wear Gloves and Mask in a Social Gathering:

Since we tend to touch a lot of things while out, and then touch our face unknowingly, it could be fatal for us. So, always ensure you’re wearing gloves and a mask while going out. It is the number one rule. Being in a social gathering the risk of contacting the virus from any other person can be very high, so to protect yourself always put a mask and gloves on. Your safety is in your hands as well as ours so we have got the best quality masks and gloves available for you on our website that you could purchase and use.

Gloves and Mask: Social Gathering
Gloves and Mask

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2. Carry a pocket sanitization spray in a Social Gathering:

While in a social gathering it is very important to sanitize your hands especially if you are without gloves. At a time like this, always make sure to keep your hands sanitized at all times even when you don’t feel the need to. So, always carry a pocket sanitization spray with you and you can check it out on our website. It is portable and easy to use also cost-effective and it can be charged anywhere using USB.

pocket sanitization spray: Social Gathering
Pocket sanitization spray

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3. Maintain Six Feet Separation in a Social Gathering:

Maintaining a distance of six feet between other people and you will ensure you’re not getting affected by any infected person that you don’t know of. This precaution is very important if you’re in a social gathering because you’re being surrounded by many people and so risks to contact the virus increases significantly.

Six Feet Separation: Social Gathering
Six Feet Separation

4. Install a Sanitizing Tunnel with Automatic Sensor System in a Social Gathering:

This machine can be installed at the entrance of the social gathering venue to ensure everyone who is entering is sanitized. This sanitizer tunnel is a metal frame body covered with PVC on both sides. A person needs to walk through the tunnel to sanitize the entire body and then enter into the social gathering premises.

Sanitizing Tunnel: Social Gathering
Sanitizing Tunnel

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5. Use a Disinfectant Cold Fogging Machine in a Social Gathering:

This fogging machine is used to spray disinfectant in open spaces in the venue where the social gathering will take place to disinfect the entire place. It is the most reliable and quality fogger in the market. It is portable and easy to use with a flexible hose pipe and droplet size can be adjusted from 5-25 microns.

Disinfectant Cold Fogging Machine: Social Gathering
Disinfectant Cold Fogging Machine

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6. Install a Foot Pedal Sanitizer Machine in a Social Gathering:

A foot pedal sanitizer machine can be installed at the venue so that people can sanitize their hands whenever needed. This machine is foot-operated and ensures zero cross-contamination. It has ensured hygiene integrity as no hands are required to dispense sanitizer also supports multiple size bottle and simple bottle replacement. This sanitizer machine has a dispensing time of 5 seconds per person and requires no maintenance.

Foot Pedal Sanitizer Machine: Social Gathering
Foot Pedal Sanitizer Machine

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To ensure your safety as well as the safety of others, make sure that you’re following these precautions while in any social gathering.

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