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How to Reopen Schools and Colleges after Covid-19?

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In midst of the outbreak of this pandemic all schools, colleges, and educational institutes were shut down, to ensure the safety of their students and staff. Some of them continued tele-schooling through pre-recorded videos, live classes, blogs, and study material. ICSE board even broadcasted lessons through a TV channel. But not everyone is privileged enough to have these resources. Secondly, educational institutes ensure holistic growth of a person through socialization, emotional support among peers; sharing of ideas, thoughts, and values. Reopen schools when the local governing body has made sure it is safe to do so. Take some appropriate measures to encourage safe learning and growth of individuals. Seven Points to consider to reopen schools during this pandemic.

  1. Disinfect The Campus To Reopen Schools and Colleges

    Before starting the school session, it is vital to disinfect the campus completely. Sanitize schools including toilets with water and disinfectant. Sterilize frequently touched surfaces like door handles, desks, toys, supplies, light switches, doorframes, play equipment, teaching aids used by children, and covers of books. To disinfect the campus you should use Disinfectant Cold Fogging Machine. This machine is used for treating small or covered areas with relatively small amounts of chemicals or formulations in an aerosol state. So it is good for disinfecting large spaces like the school campus.

    Disinfecting schools and colleges to ensure safety from Covid-19
    Disinfecting schools by using Disinfectant cold fogging machine
  2. Regular Check-ups

    When speaking about check-ups it is for both physical and mental health. Do physical check-ups for students and staff at the school gate before they enter the premises. The most reliable way to do so is by installing Sanitizing Tunnel with an Automatic Sensor system. This system not only sanitizes the person who passes through it but also measures their temperature on the go. This instantly notifies the person and the authorities about the health of the school community. This information can be used to take precautions. Provide psychosocial support to each student by keeping class-wise counseling sessions. A counselor should be available all time since such drastic changes could be quite overwhelming for the students.

    Sanitizing Tunnel with Automatic Sensor system to ensure school safety
    Sanitizing Tunnel with Automatic Sensor system

    Sanitizing and taking precautions in school using Sanitizing Tunnel with Automatic Sensor system

  3. Disseminate Information

    Educate everyone in the school about the Covid-19 precautions, including hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene. Advise non-contact greeting. Create awareness among students to not gather and socialize after school or in their free time. Offer weekly updates as the pandemic unfolds.  Mandate masks or covering of face for everyone attending the campus according to national or local guidelines. Provide sufficient medical masks for school nurses and students with symptoms. Inform parents about all the precautions taken up by the school to reassure them and also ask them to inform the school authorities about any Covid-19 cases in your local area or household. So communication with parents is also quite important.

  4. Re-organize Learning Spaces

    At the entrance of each room, install Foot Pedal Sanitizer Machine to ensure zero cross-contamination. All the school racks for students and staff should be replaced by UV-CO- 25M Multi Cabinet to sterilize documents and books owned by the institute. In classrooms maintain a social distance of 1 meter. Keep benches at least 1 meter apart. Avoid movement of students from one class to another, while teachers should move between classes.  If possible divide the classroom into two to three batches of the morning, afternoon, and evening. Increase the teaching staff, in that case, to not burden the faculties.

    Students wearing mask in school to ensure safety
    Students should wear a mask in school to ensure safety
  5. Manage Leisure Activities

    Limit lunch breaks to the classroom. If the canteen is an integral part then allow only a few students at a time. Also, the canteen should take appropriate safety measures.

    Organize physical education separately for each classroom. Avoid intermixing of classes by creating an appropriate timetable.  Promote non-contact sports like tennis, badminton, darts, bodybuilding, sprinting, gymnastics, track and field, bicycle race, and running. Sterilize all the equipment at each use.

    Sitting at a social distance in a canteen
    Sitting at a social distance in the canteen
    Sports activity wearing masks
    Sports activity wearing masks

    Cycling wearing masks

  6. Precautions For Exiting School

    Advise against crowding during school pick-up and if possible older family or community members (e.g. grandparents)  should avoid picking up the kids. Hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, and social distancing should be maintained in school buses. Advisory should be passed among students commuting using school buses and public transport. Only one child per seat should be allowed and if possible 1-meter distance should be maintained on the bus. This may lead to an increase in the number of buses per school.

    Sitting at a social distance in public transport
    Sit at a social distance in public transport

    Sitting at a social distance in school bus.
    Sit at a social distance in school bus
  7. Tele-schooling And Distance Learning For Appropriate Needs

    Do not reopen schools for pre-primary students. Because they won’t be able to follow social distancing rules. Consider kids with special needs like medical conditions and vulnerabilities, recent illness or symptoms of Covid-19, special circumstances in the home environment, and special requirements for traveling to school for tele-schooling. Blend in tele-schooling as and where required for all students.

    Do not reopen schools for students with special needs
    Continue online studies for students with special needs

    Schools should ensure complete safety using the above tips and help students emerge as holistic beings during this time of crisis. We have a Business Readiness Package for the school’s needs. Do check all our products on

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