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Round up Blog of the Month November 2016

We bid goodbye to yet another sporty month of November. In this month, our nation was deeply impacted by the demonetization of Indian currency. Each and every sector was affected for good and bad. Even, the wedding industry witnessed a mixed impact which we have listed in one of our blogs. We have covered topics to help you plan and organize your events better. If you are seeking wedding tips, we have got creative photography tips,bollywood songs for your sangeet dance and more. Plus, to understand what our clients like, we asked them to share their hassle-free event booking experience with us.

So, here we present to you a montage of the November blogs.

diy cocktails for cocktail party

Parties and drinks always go hand in hand. So, to garnish your party, we have got 8 super-delicious and easy-to-make cocktails. From classics like Gilet to Screw driver, learn to master them all with just couple of ingredients and few minutes in hand. Show off your skills and be the spotlight for the night!

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indian destination wedding

Everyone dreams to have a destination wedding but only few achieve this dream. There are a lot of factors which affect one’s choice of either having a destination or a local wedding. While destination wedding gives everyone an exotic experience,not everyone can attend it like they can attend the local weddings. Check out the pros and cons of both weddings which might help you choose one for you.


client testimonial

Mr. U S Poojary, one of our satisfied customers was more than happy to share his experience with us. He enjoyed our booking services and had good reviews about our experts. Find out more about the event planning process and his experience.


people you meet in a conference

In any given meeting, there are certain types of people whom you are bound to meet. Late comers and lost souls are the most prominent ones amongst these 7. Find out more about these types and you are sure to think about a person for each category. Also, you will know in which category you fall into.

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impact of demonitization on weddings

The nation’s one of the biggest decisions has impacted every sector of our lives. The Indian currency demonetization had an intense and mixed impact on the wedding industry.  The industry quickly went digital and the vendors supporting digital money gained momentum. Find out more about the mixed impact felt by the wedding industry in India.



Every one loves to dance on Bollywood beats especially in Indian weddings. To spark up the wedding vibe, Sangeet ceremony comes into the scene where everyone gets an opportunity to show off their desi moves and why wouldn’t they!! Whilst some might heat up the floor with their rehearsed grooves, you can have a dance playlist ready for those who want to shake it off spontaneously on the dance floor.  

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happy client's feedback

Our efforts pay off when clients go home more than satisfied with our services. Here is one of our happiest customers, Ms. Pinky Muthreja, who enjoyed our services for her staff pre-diwali party at the luxurious Presidency Golf Club at staggering discount. Take a look at what she has to say about it.


party planning mistakes

It is common for people to not maintain a guest list which ends them up in huge confusion. This is just one of those basic yet biggest mistakes people make in the haste of planning a perfect party for their fellow beings. Some of people won’t even know they are making a mistake until they read this. So, find out which mistake you have been making and avoid it while planning your next party.


get together party themes

Spice up your get-together party with an interesting theme. A theme can do wonders!! It can decide the way people dress and behave in your party. Check out some of the cool themes like mafia and pirates which will add ton of fun and energy to your otherwise normal party.


creative wedding shots

With limitless innovation around you, you cant afford to stay behind the race. While everyone is getting unique wedding photo album, you rise above them all with these 7 most creative wedding shots. These shots are sure to make everyone gasp and regret for not being so innovative themselves.

Wedding photographer

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