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Round up Blog of The Month September 2016

The time arises when we are set to write a round up blog of the month, is the time when we realize how fast the time passed by and have to bid goodbye to the festive-filled month of September. September was focused on offbeat topics related to weddings and social parties. So, if you have missed out on our blog updates, you can check it out over here collectively.  

glow-in-the-dark neon themed party September round up blog

If you are done with the regular party themes, then this is the fresh air you need. Turn down the lights and set up a party to be best enjoyed in dark! Astonish and excite your crowd with some of the amazing glow-in-the-dark party ideas and turn your normal party into the most badass party in town.

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EASY-TO-GO COCKTAIL APPETIZERS september round up blog

The first thing that pops up in our mind when we talk about parties, is the food. For a cocktail party to be a good one, the booze and the appetizers got to be on point to please your guests. Here, we are helping you out with 7 easy DIY appetizers which you can make in minutes.

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BIRTHDAY PARTY GAMES FOR KIDS september round up blog

Perky kids need perky games. You cant expect the tiny powerhouses to sit quiet and play games like monopoly. Put their energy into the games that would require it. FInd out more about the games like mystery bag, skittle punch, ping pong toss, etc.

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WEDDING MANDAP DECORATIONS september round up blog

With an offbeat topic,thi blog gives you a tour into the world of exquisite mandap setups in Indian weddings which we otherwise never think about. From acrylic to floral, check out how breath-taking mandaps can be!

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FRESHERS PARTY THEMES september round up blog

Welcome your juniors into your college world with bang on themed freshers’ party because themes make parties a lot better. Check out themes like retro, neon and others to incorporate it into your freshers’ party. Believe us, they will surely praise you for organizing something better than the cliche freshers’ party.

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BIRTHDAY CAKE IDEAS september round up blog

Have you kept on scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest for cake inspos for hours and hours before birthdays?

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MUST-HAVE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHS september round up blog

Wedding is all about you and your soulmate. So make it a point to make everything memorable as you want,even the photo album. With the help of this guide, know what sort of photos you should include in your album to cherish it n a better way.

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COCKTAIL PARTY GAMES september round up blog

If you are bored with cocktail party with just being about booze and chilling time with your friends, then you should check out this blog. It consists of all those games which any alcoholic person will love. Enjoy new games like drunk trivia, civil war (a better version of beer pong) and drunk challenges which will heat up the whole environment.

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Organizing a perfect party for reunion,but something seems missing? Have you thought about introducing games in the party to turn up the spirits in the event? Check out more for some of the insane family-friendly games which will be enjoyed by every person attending the reunion.

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Another stressful thing after wedding planning, is the honeymoon planning. There is, if not much but a little pressure to choose the best of the best destinations for honeymoon as it marks the new beginning of a new life with your soulmate. It ought to be a big deal! But we have got you covered with the list of 9 mesmerizing destinations worth visiting with your soulmate.

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pool party games

So, you are having pool but no party? Why not put it to a good use by calling in all your buddies and throw a party? By putting it to a good use,we mean by playing interesting games in pool which will ensure great weekend party time! Check out for more as we ensure these games will certainly make you everyone’s favourite!!

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Have you ever wondered that roses could be used more than just venue decoration? What if someone wish to have a beautiful and fragrant rose-themed wedding? It is possible without seeming like you are going overboard. This blog will guide you to how you can effectively use roses in various ways to create a surreal wedding setup.  

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We are thankful for this interesting and informative guest blog posted by an enthusiast photography-website founder who wish to spread more knowledge about photography to the newbees. So, if you are the one who is thirsty for photography concepts,Amit is the one you should look forward to.

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Here goes the compilation of our September blogs. See you soon with more interesting blogs in October!! Stay tuned for more.

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