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How To Conduct A Safe Wedding Ceremony During Covid-19 Pandemic?

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Anushka Sharma in Band Baja Baraat said, “Recession ho yaa Inflation…Shaadiyaan toh honi hi hai” which is still very accurate for Indian weddings. Even during the time of the pandemic, it didn’t stop people in love to get married. Couples organised virtual weddings to show their strength as a team to fight such hurdles. With the government’s sanction for an intimate wedding, it is crucial to organize a safe wedding ceremony. During these unprecedented times, we present to you unprecedented weddings with these safety measures.

  1. The Best Of Both Worlds 

    If you were planning not to entertain your grandfather’s second cousin’s son-in-law this is the right time to get married. This 50 guest wedding rule is a boon for you since you will be surrounded only by the ones you consider close. At the same time, others can enjoy your union through live streaming. So get ready to list down your wedding entourage. Send out customised COVID wedding invitations with the information about the way the ceremony will be conducted.

    Send out E-invites for safe wedding
    E-invites for safe wedding

    Ask your 50 priority guests if they will attend your safe wedding?
    RSVP for 50 priority guests
  2. Safe Wedding Ceremony Out In The Open

    These occasions are for socializing but of course with social distancing norms. Outdoor weddings in vast open spaces is a better idea than air-conditioned chambers. The chairs should be arranged in such a manner that it has a sufficient distance among them. So people can chit-chat with at least a meter distance among them. The open space should be clean and disinfected using a Sanitizing spray.

    Set up wedding in open grounds to maintain social distancing in your safe wedding

    Set up sitting chairs far from each other in open grounds to maintain social distancing in your safe wedding

  3. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

    Along with the photo booth, don’t forget to set-up a safety booth for your guests. Precautions should be taken from the very point your guests enter your wedding venue. So at the safety booth keep a support staff for welcoming people but at the same time conduct a thermal screening for them using an Infrared Thermometer. Set-up a UV sanitization station for the belongings of your guests, so any purses and bags are disinfected. Install Foot-pedal hand sanitizers throughout the venue at different spots including the entrance so it is easier for everyone to keep their hands clean. Provide all the guests with an N-95 mask to cover their face during the procession. For all the precautions we have a Covid wedding package.

    Infrared Thermometer
    Infrared Thermometer
    UV sanitizer machine to disinfect belongings of guest
    UV sanitizer machine

    Foot pedal sanitizer at every corner to sanitize hands

  4. Spoon feed your guests

    Buffets seem to be not so bright idea, it would be difficult to maintain a queue during such a socializing event. Set-up supper tables with a good distance among chairs. Pre-assign tables to make sure the distance is maintained. Keep digital menus to help people identify the delicacy they would want to eat. Let the support staff serve food for them. Make sure support staff are wearing masks and gloves to ensure service less prone to contact.

    Pre-Assign tables to each guest to maintain social distance
    Pre-Assign tables using a list

    Support staff serving food to guest instead of keeping a buffet
    Keep support staff to serve food
  5. Out of touch to keep in touch

    Make sure that the bride and groom are wearing masks and gloves. Nowadays trendy and customised masks according to the clothing are in fashion. “Social distance weddings” may change the way receptions are conducted. Since congratulatory gestures and exchange of gifts may not happen any sooner. The idea of clicking photos together on stage while exchanging physical gifts will be dropped down. Go ahead with virtual gift cards and virtual money as a token of present for the newlywed.

    Bride and Groom wearing fancy customized mask matching to their attire
    Bride and Groom wearing a fancy customized mask

    We hope you enter the new stage of your life in a wonderful and reverend way with a safe wedding ceremony. We have a fantastic Wedding Safety Package to make your auspicious day special.

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