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Themes for a College Farewell Party


Graduating college is a once in a lifetime type of event and same goes for the college farewell. Organizing a college farewell is a tricky event because you have to make sure everybody enjoys and have the time of their lives during this poignant phase. Now when we talk about college farewells, the first thing which pops in our mind is the theme for it. To make your farewell a sui generis event a good theme is necessary. BookEventZ has shortlisted few unique and amazing themes which you can have for your farewell.

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  1. Prom Night: 

This theme is simple and elegant. Prom night is a major event among the high school students in the west and is quickly catching upon in India too. So, basically guys suit up and girls are adorned with beautiful evening gowns. The décor is minimalistic in nature but very elegant. With some lip smacking finger food and mocktails you are good to go.

Prom Night Theme Decor
Prom Night Theme Decor
  1. Oscars Party:

This theme has to be exquisite and glitzy. Let the invites be like an invitation to an award function. With the invites send along a poll survey to give away awards which can be put in ballot box to count the votes for different categories. Create a faux red carpet, the décor classy and oozing affluence with silk drapes etc.

Party Activity: Awards Ceremony
Farewell Drinks
  1. Pirates of Caribbean:

    Pirate Theme Party Decor
    Farewell Party Decor

This theme is a cost effective theme where you spend little on costumes. Old pairs of trousers tucked into wellies / boots or into long socks or cut them off at the knees and make them ragged or tie them around the leg just under the knee. An old shirt or t-shirt can be used with an eye patch.



Farewell party



The décor has to be kept informal with a lot of standees of pirates, ships and use props such as swords, treasure chests etc. Give eye patches, bandanas, and black plastic pirate hats for party favors. Serve seafood dishes.

Pirate Theme Party Decor
Farewell Party Theme
  1. Hippies Theme:

    Party Props!
    Party Props!

Again this theme is very cost effective as it does not involve any extravaganza. The costumes may include bell-bottoms, tie-dyed shirts, and headbands.

The décor will have burning incense sticks, flowers, beads and face painting tables can be set up too. The color scheme has to be bright and vibrant. Play some trance and you are good to go.

farewell party decor
Farewell Party Decorations
  1. Bollywood meets Tollywood:

This theme is an amalgamation of Bollywood and Tollywood film industries. Ask your guests to pair up and show up together dressed as one of the two film industry stars. The décor involves red carpet, an entrance like a movie premiere, photo booths, stand ins and standees of different movie posters.

farewell celebration

If you like these themes or want to know about more themes then call us on +91-9967581110 or browse more for venues which will go best with these themes here.


Farewell party

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