8 Indian Bridal Mehendi Designs that are Trending!

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“Mehendi lagake rakhna,doli sajake rakhna”, this classic song from DDLJ emphasizes the importance of mehendi in our Indian weddings. Mehendi is not just an extra but an important jewelry a bride wears for the occasion. It has been a part of the Indian wedding ceremony since ages and with passing time, innovative and creative styles have come up. There are just so many indian bridal mehendi designs to choose from!

Gone are those days when only thick bridal mehendi designs dominated the ceremony. So, let’s quickly check out the creative mehendi designs which are trending in our weddings and can help you decide the best style for your wedding day. Book our Mehendi Artists to craft your hands with the most spectacular Indian bridal mehendi designs on your hands for your wedding.  Don’t forget to hire a good Photographer to preserve your mehendi forever in your wedding album!!

1. Indian Traditional Mehendi Designs:

Starting with the most popular indian bridal mehendi designs in our country, traditional designs include extremely-filled abstract motifs like peacock motif, elephant motif, rose motif, rajasthani Raja-Rani,etc. These designs are the quite old yet they never run out of style. So, if you are into heavy designs, stick to these traditional ones as they say, ”Old is Gold”.

Indian Bridal Mehendi Designs
Peacock and Raja- Rani Design
Indian Bridal Mehendi Designs
Traditional Peacock and Elephants

2. Moroccan- Indian Bridal Mehendi Designs:

For the ones who want to move ahead of swirls and curls of the traditional designs. The Moroccan mehendi art is highly geometric which depicts the Moroccan tribal art. Since it has gained popularity in India, it’s your turn to rock it in your wedding ceremony.

Moroccan Indian Bridal Mehendi Designs

3. Arabic- Indian Bridal Mehendi Designs:

Another most popular bridal mehendi design in our country. Unlike the traditional designs, these designs aren’t densely filled but have dense strokes. There is a lot of gap maintained in the whole design which highlights every stroke. This makes it look rich and artistic. If you wish to see more colour in your mehendi, go for it!

trendy bridal arabic mehndi design, Indian Bridal Mehendi Designs
Arabic Mehendi Designs

4. Jazzy Colors and Glitter-Indian Bridal Mehendi Designs:

Why have just mono colored mehendi when you can jazz it up with multi colors or some glitter and stones!! Yes, you read it right. Brides are going nuts over this trend and can be seen in most of the weddings. Try this trend to get some drama into your style and watch how others gasp!!

trendy indian bridal glittery mehndi designs, Jazzy Colors and Glitters, Indian Bridal Mehendi Designs
Mehendi Design Image

5. Ornamental- Indian Bridal Mehendi Designs:

These designs are apt for those of you who love minimalistic yet elegant and intricate designs. These designs usually resemble a bracelet or fancy jewellery which girls usually wear on their wrists. Ornamental designs are sparsely filled but give out royal vibes. These images below would be enough to convince you to go minimalist.

trendy indian bridal ornamental mehndi designs, Indian Bridal Mehendi Designs
Bridal Mehendi Design

6. White Henna-Indian Bridal Mehendi Designs:

This year we have seen the trend of white henna coming up in western countries. Though the trend is popular amongst party going crowd, it is managing its way into the Indian mehendi culture and brides seem to love it. This is one way you could go bold and beautiful on your special day and have everyone take a note of it!

P.S: Inform your Makeup Artist beforehand, so that they can alter your makeup for the day which will suit your mehendi and attire simultaneously.

trendy bridal mehndi design- white henna, mehendi dijain, White Henna-Indian Bridal Mehendi Designs
Indian Mehendi Design

7. Lace gloves / Cuff Designs:

As we can already see the variations in bridal mehendi designs, there are still some of them who can make you think, “We can do this in mehendi too??” Cuff designs will have you thinking the same. These designs are some of the intriguing yet the most elegant ones. If you have got a streak of naughtiness in you, then you should probably think about this one.

trendy indian bridal mehndi designs- Lace gloves / cuff design, Lace gloves / Cuff Designs
Bridal Mehendi Design Image

8. Mandala:

Another great idea for the brides who love minimalism. This design comprises of an intricate mandala in the centre and lots of ornate and dotted work to finish it off and giving rise to a sheer masterpiece.

trendy bridal indian mehndi designs- mandala, indian bridal mehendi designs
Simple Mehendi Design

Here you have, a bunch of fresh and trendy bridal mehendi designs to rock your wedding like you should!! Let your guests experiment with these styles too and be the part of your trendy art fiesta. I hope this helped broaden your vision for your special day. Wait no further and let your mehendi artist know what you want to look 100x glamorous.

So which one would you like to try on your wedding? Let us know.

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