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7 Types of People You Will Always Meet in a Conference

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Be it any type of conference, there is always a category of people that you will find everywhere. Here in this list, we have enlisted few stereotypical titles which are highly relatable. You will probably think of atleast one name for each category showing the similar traits. Apart from others, you can also analyze in which category you fall into.

  1. The Extrovert

This person will talk to anyone and everyone in the conference. While others are busy having lunch or coffee during the break,this person finds the opportunity to talk to as many as conference attendees and hosts as possible and grow the network. He will not only converse with them but also try to build a good relationship with them by listing them on his social media.

extrovert- Types of People in conference

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2. The Perfectionist

From the dress to every seat in the conference, this person likes everything organized. If they are the organizer of the conference,then they will make sure everything is on point from stationary to the technical stuff that is requires,they have eyes on everything. Because of them,you can expect a smooth meeting but that can get a little over-the-top which can be hard to handle.

Types of People in conference- the perfectionist


3. The Grasper

This person attends conference with an aim to learn everything from everyone they meet. They pay attention to every bit that speaker talks about and try to note it down. You wouldn’t see this person wasting time on gossip rather,he would be in search of people from whom he can take tips which can help him to grow in his field.

Types of People in conference- the grasper


4. The Eyes-on-the-Door

This person might attend the conference but would just be thinking about the time to leave. He has less interest in the meeting but not completed disinterest. He might learn few things but would leave with the first opportunity available. Turn your head away and he is gone by wind as soon as the event comes to an end.

Types of People in conference- the eyes-on-the-door

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5. The Alpha Male/ Female

This person is filled with super-confidence and ideas. They cant stay quiet about it and makes sure everyone knows it. They are the ones who will be actively present in the conference and discuss stuff seriously. They would usually have ton of ideas to present on the table and not surprisingly

Types of People in conference


6. The Lost Soul

There would be atleast one person who would have no clue where he is and why is he even there. The person would either be lost in his own paradise or else he is unable to fit in the environment. At times, he would try to analyze what is going on but would soon give up after multiple trials.

Types of People in conference- the lost soul


7. The Late Latiff

This is that one person we all know who is always late. You will never see him before time or on time for any meeting. It somehow defines him.It would be a surprise for everyone the day he is in sight before the speaker.

Types of People in conference- late latiff

Do you agree?  These are just some of the people you will meet at any conference. If you have seen a certain type of people in conferences apart from these, let us know through your comments.


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