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Top 6 Indian Wedding Floristry Trends in 2024

By Darshit Tanna
Blog timeJun 21, 2024

You must have imagined this beautiful day many times. You are in gorgeous outfits, and happy guests look at and congratulate you, surrounding you with love and solemn admiration. That’s what a wedding should be. And of course, we all want the wedding to be perfect. Celebrating a happy day is much more comfortable when everything is truly matched. When the clothes harmonize with the decoration of the hall, the music is combined with the general mood, and the food seems even tastier in the general atmosphere. The effect of a perfect and modern combination of decor can easily be achieved by picking the right wedding hall floral design and choosing flowers for bouquets and decorations. It’s like going to college and knowing what you need but requiring help figuring out how to do it. As a wise student seeks help from a college essay writing service to write papers, one must be more confident when choosing a floral wedding scheme. For this, we suggest you read the top 5 trends for 2024.

Tradition With a Modern Accent

It’s easier to imagine a wedding with traditional jasmine, marigolds, and roses. Nothing has changed in this regard. These flowers remain trendy in 2024. You can safely choose them as the basis for the color scheme of your wedding, as they will fit perfectly into any interior and decorate any venue. They will also look delightful in the bride and groom’s jewelry, adding lively accents to the chic decorations. Combining traditional floral arrangements, interesting metal constructions, and vases is incredibly fashionable this year. For example, delightful garlands of marigolds are now trendy for decoration with gold and copper elements. This design perfectly intertwines traditional cultural elements with a modern, up-to-date, and refreshing approach.

tradition with a modern accent

Bright Floral Palettes and Unusual Bridal Bouquets

Colors that have been traditional for generations are still in vogue today. You can safely choose orange, pink, and gold hues for your floral scheme and have no fear of being unfashionable; even more on-trend are contrasting combinations. This is when the hall is not decorated in one soft or bright tone but combines bright flecks with more gentle tones. As an example, there is a winning combination of bright pink roses and more delicate orange marigolds. You can also be creative and imaginative in designing your bride’s wedding bouquets. In 2024, bouquets of unusual shapes are hugely popular, for instance, cascaded bouquets that smoothly descend downward or round bouquets consisting of many small flowers. The bride’s bouquet is nevertheless part of the overall floral composition, and choosing it makes sure that it fits into the overall style of the wedding and fits the bride’s dress.

Elegant Minimalism

You and I know that the luxury of the wedding is essential. This event is one of the most important in life, and to emphasize the solemnity of the moment is an inviolable tradition that no one breaks. Nevertheless, as far as floral compositions are concerned, minimalist solutions are in fashion, which do not reduce the pomp and solemnity. This implies using more flowers for one composition instead of many small ones throughout the hall. For example, you can place a huge flower arrangement in the center of the table instead of many small bouquets around the perimeter.

Combination of Textures and Exotic Flowers

Wedding bouquets are always a field for experimentation. We often see that traditional floral motifs are modified, and new elements are added to them. In recent years, combined bouquets have become very popular, where dried wood and herbs are added to fresh flowers. In addition, exotic flowers have become popular in compositions. For example, anthuriums or proteas are increasingly included in floral compositions. Therefore, you can safely use these techniques to add originality to the floral decoration of your halls. Combining different textures and elements is a part of design that goes far beyond flowers, and it’s good to learn more about it. You can safely check out essayusa review, where you can learn how a professional service helps you create various papers, including on design. With more knowledge about the general topic, choosing the right designs for your wedding will be easier.

combination of textures and exotic flowers

Personalization and Individuality

This is your wedding; you will remember it for a lifetime, and it is logical to want it to be unique. This trend continues in the matter of floral design. It is possible, of course, to have a wedding, as shown in the picture in the booklets. It will be beautiful and marvelous, but it will be truly unforgettable if you add individuality to the decoration elements. These can be separate compositions or inclusions in their favorite flowers for the bride and groom. Family symbols and artifacts will add individuality. For example, if the family has a tradition of using certain colors, they can be included in the wedding compositions.

Use of Modern Technology

The development of modern technology unleashes your hands and lets your imagination take flight. Thanks to 3D printing, you can inexpensively create unique vases and decorative elements in which flowers are woven. Also, the use of drones has become a revolution not only for videography. Modern drones can lift a lot of weight, and thanks to them, you can create real flying gardens that will amaze guests and create an unforgettable atmosphere. The possibilities are practically endless. Installations, holograms, harmonious illuminations with millions of colors. Technology will come to your aid and make your wedding unique and stand out from the rest.


Wedding decoration is not only an exciting stage, but it is also a huge opportunity for creativity. You can create trends, create fashions, and dictate the style – everything is in your hands. The main thing is that this process should be exciting and manageable for you. So, choose a personalized style of work for yourself. For example, you can hire a florist and share your ideas with them or organize everything yourself, depending on you. After all, this is your day, and only you know how it should be.

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