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Bookmark-Worthy Bridal Wedding Hair Trends for the Year 2024

By Darshit Tanna
Blog timeDec 22, 2023

Step up your wedding style with the latest Wedding Hair Trends. From timeless to modern, find the perfect trend for every bride. Shine on your special day with these beautiful hair ideas. The wedding season is finally here and we know you want to keep everything tip-top. You want everything perfect, whether it is your outfit, makeup, or accessories. But what about your hairstyle, one of the most significant elements that will complete your look? You can’t wear an old-fashioned hairstyle in 2023, you need something fresh to charm your look. Worry not, we have curated the best wedding hair trends perfect for your contemporary look. These trends will perfectly align with your contemporary outfits and make you look no less than a princess. Check out these amazing Wedding Hair Trends.

Become a Rapunzel

boho braid - wedding hair trends

We weren’t kidding when we said you would look like a princess. This voluptuous Boho Braid will make you look so beautiful that your groom-to-be won’t be able to take his eyes off you. If you like such braids then you must check out these amazing French braid hairstyles.

Bow-ney Tail

bow ponytail - wedding hair trends

A new and emerging trend is to have a bow incorporated into your ponytail. This is by far one of the hottest wedding hair trends we have seen till now. If you need an unbeatable contemporary look then this is the perfect hairdo to consider.

French Braid with Jasmine Elegance

french braid with jasmine - wedding hair trends

Turn your regular thick and sexy French braids into a voluminous braid by adding some cutesy jasmine flowers. If you are in love with this Indian hairstyle then we have curated some authentic front South Indian bridal hairstyles just for you.

Bridal Hairstyle Latest Ponytail

tousled ponytail for wedding

You need to try a ponytail that is as elegant as your wedding look, this is that ponytail.

High Ballet Bun for Sheer Beauty

high ballet bun - wedding hair trends

If you have considered a high-neck outfit for your wedding then a high bun would suit you the most. That too a high ballet bun would act as a charmer for your look. A tiara would act as a cherry on the cake for this look and will complete it. We know that you like buns and hence you must check out these amazing bridal bun hairstyles.

Just Blow Them

blow dried open hair - wedding hair trends

Got late and don’t have time for a fancy hairdo? Or just don’t like to experiment much with your hair? Just pick a blow dryer and get the hairs going. Make your hair fluffy, flowy, and soft with this trick.

Checkered Half-Tied Look

checkered hair - wedding hair trends

A never-seen-before bridal hairstyle is this one that has a checkered pattern, a tiny side braid, and wavy open hair just below the side braid. These wavy open hair have been adorned with dots of crystals that have accentuated the overall look of this hairdo.

Mid Styles with a Bun

mid style with a bun - wedding hair trends

Time to reinvent the 90s’ classic mid-height style that has the ends of the hair naturally cascading from the bun shape. Give this super-sexy hairdo a modern touch and make it yours.

Floral Jewels Trendy Hairstyle

floral jewels hairstyle for curly hair for wedding

If you have curly hair then this trendy hairstyle is the best for you to try for your wedding. Just add up some floral jewellery to your hair and glam it up instantly.

Crystal Halo Bridal New Hairstyle

crystal halo hairstyle with bun and a simple band for wedding

A trending bridal hairstyle that won’t require much hassle is this one. Just a low bun surrounded with a crystal halo-type band.

Get the Chignon Look

chignon hairstyle - wedding hair trends

All eyes will be on you when you will wear this gorgeous hairstyle. You just need to comb back your locks into a shiny chignon at the nape of your neck and you have a beautiful and trendy hairdo ready. Give it a final touch by adding a floral pin.

Rosy Bun

rose structured bun - wedding hair trends

We bet you would have never seen such a mesmerizing bun structure anywhere. This bride transformed her regular bun into a rose-structured bun that looks as amazing as it sounds. A simple floral pin can be used to accentuate its look.

Wind Proof Look

front swept back - wedding hair trends

A dreamy hairstyle that you should consider for your wedding if you don’t prefer a heavy hairdo. Sweep all the hair at the back of your head and have a cute low bun. This is the perfect hairstyle to adorn your gown.

Bridal Hairstyle Latest Open Hair Trends

wispy strands open hair hairstyle for wedding

This open hair hairstyle is perfect if you need a trendy one for your wedding.

The Tumbling Tresses

tumbling tresses - wedding hair trends

If you have long locks and need clarification about how to style them, you have reached the perfect destination. This bride decided to cascade her wispy curls down her back and some past the shoulder, which gave her hair a dreamy look.

Triple Rose

triple rose - wedding hair trends

You were already astonished by the rose-structured bun but what if we showed you a triple rose structured bun? This one is hella crazy and something that you should consider for your wedding.

The One for Short-Haired Brides

short haired - wedding hair trends

For all the sexy brides who have gorgeous short hair, we have something for you too. Just blow your short hair and have a cutesy clip at the side of your hair, that’s it!

Floral Adornments

floral hair pins - wedding hair trends

Do you have curly and short hair and don’t know how to style them for your wedding? Take notes from this bride who decided to add some floral hairpins to embellish her cutesy curly hair.

Half-Up Ponytail

For your subtle and elegant wedding, choose to do a half-up ponytail which is a ponytail at the bottom half and a loosy braid at the top half. If you are considering an off-shoulder outfit then this hairstyle is the best choice for you.

Go All Out with Glitter

glittery low bun - wedding hair trends

If you are someone who doesn’t fear experimenting with then this hairstyle is for you. Have a low bun and sprinkle your favorite glitter over it. No need to worry if you have short hair, a sleek low bun is something you can adhere to. If you think these buns aren’t enough then why don’t you check out these gorgeous bun hairstyles for wedding?

Pretty Plait with Adornments

adorned plait - wedding hair trends

Transform your plain and boring plait into a lively and interesting one by adding some small floral pins. These tiny hairpieces will work like wonder and give your hair a dreamy look.

French Updo

french updo - wedding hair trends

We know that you love doing an updo but trust us, this one is something you will regret not considering. Give your thin air a French updo consisting of a side French braid and some layered hair at the top.

Multiple Bubble Braids Hairstyle

triple bubble braids - wedding hair trends

We know that you love bubbly braids but what if we told you that you can have not one, not two, but three bubble braids at once? Have some of your hair open and the others, looped bubble braids.

Enchanted Forest Hairdo

enchanted forest - wedding hair trends

If you are obsessed with the forest theme then this hairstyle is the best for you. Go for a low-coiled bun that is messy and mix it up with some leafy accessories. If you like floral buns then we have curated some of the best bridal flower bun ideas just for you.

Feathery Treasure

ostrich feather - wedding hair trends

The best idea for your trending wedding hairstyle is getting inspired by your outfit. Look at this gorgeous bride who considered wearing a playful ostrich-feather gown and matched the accessory with it. A simple bun with an ostrich feather completes her look, making her a pretty bride.

Loose and Airy

loose and airy - wedding hair trends

If you don’t want to overdo your hairstyle and keep it relaxed then consider this one. This airy and loose hairstyle gives a calm and composed look. These are some of the best hairstyles that fit the criteria of wedding hair trends. We are sure that the upcoming brides will like these trends and will consider wearing these hairdos for their wedding. Thanks for reading the blog and we hope you found the information and ideas valuable and helpful.

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