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Top 15 Attractive Wedding Nail Art Designs For Brides In 2022

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As a showstopper, each and every attire of a bride is important, and so does their nail art. And we don’t want you to burden yourself when we are here to help you out with these latest wedding nail art designs.

Top 15 Attractive Wedding Nail Art Designs for Brides in 2022

1. Crystal-Embedded Nail Art

Nails that are embedded with tiny Crystals or colored stones look so gorgeous when it is worn by the bride who wants to glam up on her big day. From subtle to bold bases you can wear any color with this nail art. You can do this design on one nail and on the rest nails with plain or glittery nail paint, or cover all your nails with the same base but different embedded designs. It will make your nails more attractive.

You can take inspiration from all these photos and customize your nail art according to your preference.

Crystal-Embedded Nail Art 4
Crystal-Embedded Nail Art 3

Crystal-Embedded Nail Art 1

Crystal-Embedded Nail Art 2

2. Sprinkle The Stars

Just like your sangeet ceremony outfit is a glitzy and sparkly affair. Make sure your nails are ready to sparkle as well with these sparkly nail art designs. Paint your nails in different patterns like just glittering the ends, making diagonals with glitter, or just splattering some of them. These nail arts will perfectly go with your cocktail bridal dresses.

Sprinkle The Stars 3

Sprinkle The Stars 2

Sprinkle The Stars 1

Sprinkle The Stars

3. Let’s Go For Golden

Nail art with a combination of gold and pastel colors will help you to mark the statement on your sangeet ceremony as the gold color symbolizes luxury, nobility, and glory. You can decorate your one nail with any base except gold and design it with gold stripes, checks, and tiny beats. You can also use pastel bases to give your nails an elegant look.

Let's Go For Golden 4

Let's Go For Golden 3

Let's Go For Golden 2

Let's Go For Golden 1

Let's Go For Golden nail art

4. Personalized Wedding Nail Art Designs

Break the traditional design with your wedding story on your beautiful nails. You can opt for transparent or subtle colors so that your design looks graceful. You can write “I Do”, “Love”, “Mr & Mrs” and so many elements like mustache, rings, rose, couple, etc for your partner to show them how passionately you are in love with him.

Personalized Wedding Nail Art Designs 2

Personalized Wedding Nail Art Designs 1

Personalized Wedding Nail Art Designs

5. Ombre Nail Art Designs

You must be thinking how hard it will be to blend different nail polish on fingerprints but relax, it looks complicated but that’s not the case. It is extremely easy to achieve this gradient nail art. Opt for any color you want and you will be surprised when we will tell you that just a small makeup sponge can do wonders on your nails and make your Haldi outfit ready to rock.

Ombre Nail Art Designs 1

Ombre Nail Art Designs

Ombre Nail Art Designs

6. Floral Wedding Nail Art Designs

 A nude or bold base topped with floral prints point up with some glitter will make this nail art design amazing for your wedding. You can opt for this floral print at your pre-wedding shoot to get your wedding vibes from the beginning. It is simple, traditional, and looks so adorable on a shy bride.

Floral Wedding Nail Art Designs 4

Floral Wedding Nail Art Designs 3

Floral Wedding Nail Art Designs 1

Floral Wedding Nail Art Designs

7. Simple and Elegant Nail Art

If you like being simple and don’t want your look to be dramatic then this nail art design is for you. You can choose any solid color according to your outfit and just do a simple design on top of it like a petal, stripes, shimmer, and alternate colors. It is easy to achieve but looks so attractive and traditional. Remember, “old is good”

Simple and Elegant Nail Art 3

Simple and Elegant Nail Art 2

Simple and Elegant Nail Art 1

Simple and Elegant Nail Art

8. French Nail Art

Do the regular nail tip with stripes and be prepared to make a polished, fashion-forward statement. Now you can design it in your way, do mandala art, or just glitter it up. You can try this art as a bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding.

French Nail Art 3

French Nail Art 2

French Nail Art 1

French Nail Art

9. CheckMate Nail Design

“Checks” nail art is officially the coolest nail design one must do. You can try various patterns like those shown in the below picture. You can also try this design at home as it is very simple and classy.

CheckMate Nail Design 3

CheckMate Nail Design 2

CheckMate Nail Design 1

CheckMate Nail Design

10. Tie & Dye Wedding Nail Art Designs

Not only in clothes but tie and dye is now a new trend that is giving a new vibe. There are a plethora of patterns you can try. You can wear this design on a casual basis to benchmark your standard.

Tie & Dye Wedding Nail Art Designs 2

Tie & Dye Wedding Nail Art Designs 1

11. Butterfly Nail Art Designs

Well, it’s sure that most of us find butterflies cute and why not they are colorful and pretty at the same time. The same goes with butterfly nail paint design. Add a bit of color and a cute little butterfly to give an amazing twist to basic nail paint. You can wear this design when you are enjoying your Honeymoon.

Butterfly Nail Art Designs 3

12. Metallic Nail Paint

Metallic shades definitely grab the attention of many eyeballs. Why go basic with pastels or normal basic color pallets when you can add the brightness and shine of metal shades. Using a mirror or metallic shades you can add an amazing texture to your nail paint. You can style this design with crystal, glitter, or french shape.

Metallic Nail Paint 3

Metallic Nail Paint 2

Metallic Nail Paint 1

Metallic Nail Paint

13. Marble Touch Nail Art Designs

Marbles are no longer restricted to kitchen counters or floorings, now you can add the metamorphic color shades to give a different look to your nail art design by using the marble touch nail art. This year marble touch nail art is the go-to trend and we are more than loving it. Just dip your nails in shaded water and you are all set.

Marble Touch Nail Art Designs 3

Marble Touch Nail Art Designs 2

Marble Touch Nail Art Designs 1

Marble Touch Nail Art Designs

14. Snowflake Wedding Nail Art Designs

We are definitely approaching the peak of summer but a snowflake nail paint design never goes out of style. The reason being it looks chic, and elegant and adds a distinct look to your basic nail paint. There are a plethora of options that can be used with snowflake design and it is definitely one of the most dynamic and explorable options.

Snowflake Wedding Nail Art Designs 4

Snowflake Wedding Nail Art Designs 3

Snowflake Wedding Nail Art Designs

15. Polka Dots Nail Art

Polka dots nail art design has to be the easiest and the most used nail art design. Since it takes much less time to create and design, polka designs are the go-to nail art design option for each and everyone out there. Go black or white or have a contrasting color combination to add a different color flavor to your polka dot design.

Polka Dots Nail Art 3

Polka Dots Nail Art 2

Polka Dots Nail Art 1


So, here are the top 15 wedding nail art designs for you. Tell us in the comment section which design you tried out on your big day. Also, add on to the list and tell us more designs. Follow us on our Social Media handles.

Thank you for your patience!

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