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What to eat in Mumbai- Part 1
By BookEventz
Blog timeApr 5, 2013
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Staying in Mumbai is the best blessing for any food lover for the variety and the assortment it provides. Mumbai has for long attracted people from all across the world and many of these visitors have made Mumbai their home. This diversity in people has also brought a lot of diversity and richness in the food that is available here. There is a unique taste to the food in each and every region of the world with its own signature dishes and drinks. So we thought why not explore this unique part of Mumbai and present to you as a Multi part series in our food blog. In this series, we will talk about the food that defines Mumbai and the best places to relish them.

Vada Pav

vada pav

This is our very own Mc.Donalds burger. This is amongst the tastiest and fastest moving snack that one can find in Mumbai. This is also one of the cheapest available foods which everyone likes over here. The recipe for this is fairly simple with preparation of a cutlet (vada) which is mashed potatoes dipped pea flour which is deep fried. This cutlet is then served between a bun with some tasty sauces which is generally green and red in color.

The best place to have this snack is Ashok Satnam’s stall at Flora Fountain, Fort


South Indian Meals

south indian food  A typical south Indian meal will be served with a couple of vegetables, sambar, rasam, curd, paysam and with a mountain sized quantity of rice. The amazing part about such meals is that the quantity is unlimited which means that you can eat till your stomach allows you to eat. Earlier this meal used to get served o n traditional banana leaves but that’s now a thing of the past and now the cheaper stainless steel plates have taken over.

One of the best places to have a South Indian fare is Madras cafe which is located at Kings Circle at Matunga.



This triangle shaped fat rich snack is also amongst the favorites of Mumbai junta. This is also deep fried like any tasty snack and is made out of chunks of spice laden potatoes and peas all held in a crust which is later deep fried in oil. It is best enjoyed when it’s hot and just out of the frying vessel.

You can find the samosas in Mumbai at Hotel Guru Kripa, near SIES college, Sion.

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