20 Trending WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Messages & Card Templates
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20 Trending WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Messages & Card Templates

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Sending a WhatsApp wedding invitation is now slowly becoming a popular trend in the world of weddings. So, for those who aren’t aware of what these are, it’s a marriage invitation message which is sent through WhatsApp to your guests informing them that the dates have been set and that they should be present to bless the couple. As BookEventZ doesn’t want you to stay behind, we’ve come up with a list of some creative and amazing WhatsApp wedding invitation messages and card templates that you can try for your own wedding.

Here Are Some WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Messages And Card Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss Before The Big Day:

1. WhatsApp Marriage Invitation With The Photoshoot:

A photo of you and your fiancé with some text as a marriage invitation message on WhatsApp is the easiest. And it is a classic way to make your WhatsApp wedding invitation card. So, here’s your chance to get funky by getting dressed up in your favorite characters or going to a fancy location.

20 Trending WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Messages & Card Templates

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2. WhatsApp Wedding Invitation for a Couple from 2 States:

Here’s an idea for a WhatsApp marriage invitation message where the couple comes from two different states. So, the text can show the location of origin of the couple to add a personal touch to the Indian wedding invitation for WhatsApp.

20 Trending WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Messages & Card Templates

3. WhatsApp Marriage Invitation with the Doodle:

A caricature is a form of art where a caricaturist doodles an image of you. And you can then get creative with what you want the image to contain. So, here are some WhatsApp marriage invitation messages and card template ideas in the form of a caricature. And you can book a caricaturist for your WhatsApp wedding card from BookEventz!


4. The Funny WhatsApp Wedding Invitation:

Planning on sending a wedding invitation on WhatsApp to your friends? Well then here’s an opportunity to tickle that funny bone with a funny WhatsApp wedding invitation. So, select a WhatsApp wedding invitation message like this to bring in some humor instead of a formal invitation!

20 Trending WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Messages & Card Templates

5. WhatsApp Marriage Invitation with the Video:

Here’s one of the latest trends running in the wedding industry, a video to share as a WhatsApp wedding invitation message that shows the love between you and your fiancé! So, here’s your chance to go to a beautiful location and create a beautiful wedding invitation video for WhatsApp.


6. Classic Indian Wedding Invitation on WhatsApp:

Here’s a form of a WhatsApp marriage invitation message for all of you who like to stick to your roots. And you can send classic traditional designs in the color of your wedding as a WhatsApp marriage invitation which everyone will definitely love!

20 Trending WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Messages & Card Templates

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7. WhatsApp Wedding Invitation for the Destination Wedding:

Planning a destination wedding? Then a marriage invitation message on WhatsApp that informs all your guests about the location is very important. So, this gives your guest a heads up about the leaves they will have to plan and also to book those plane tickets! And you can show a design of a map or the skyline on your WhatsApp wedding text that suggests the location.

20 Trending WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Messages & Card Templates

8. Modern Yet Traditional WhatsApp Marriage Invitation:

Here are some Indian wedding invitations on WhatsApp for friends and family that are traditional but also have a modern twist. So, these latest trending fonts and animation along with the flowers and traditional colors give these WhatsApp wedding invitations a modern yet Indian look which is a great combination!

20 Trending WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Messages & Card Templates

9. Bollywood Inspired Wedding Invitation Message For Whatsapp

Always dreamed of a movie like a wedding? Well here’s your chance to be on your very own movie poster! So, just pick a movie that portrays you as a couple and has the actors on the poster, and then the photographer will do his magic. How lovely is that?!

20 Trending WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Messages & Card Templates

10. Minimalist WhatsApp Marriage Invitation:

Feel like Beauty lies in Simplicity? We do too, and so here are some WhatsApp wedding invitation message ideas that are perfect for a simple and minimal wedding invitation card!

20 Trending WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Messages & Card Templates

11. Whatsapp Chat Wedding Invitation

A very unique, quirky, visually appealing, chat-style invitation is now in trend. This is the chance where you can leave an impression on your guest by sending your first WhatsApp chat invitation to your family.

20 Trending WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Messages & Card Templates

12. WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Text Video:

These wedding invitation videos are lately become so popular, that even Ambani used one for his son’s engagement invitation. And you too can make these WhatsApp wedding invitation text videos to share with your wedding guest!

13. WhatsApp Marriage Invitation with your Love Story:

Your WhatsApp wedding invitation message template can show a timeline of your journey as a couple. And it can include the dates of the first day you met and your first kiss and the day she finally said yes! So, this text will give a little background story of your lives if you’re making a wedding invitation on WhatsApp for friends.

20 Trending WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Messages & Card Templates

14. WhatsApp Wedding Invitation from the Comics:

Are you and your fiancé as big a comic fan as I am? Well then here’s your chance to be finally featured in a comic of your own through your marriage invitation message on WhatsApp. So, the wedding invitation message strips can show the story of how he proposed, or how did you meet and your journey from there!

20 Trending WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Messages & Card Templates

15. Indian Wedding Invitation Text Message For Whatsapp

If you feel like you’d rather send a WhatsApp wedding invitation text instead of a WhatsApp wedding invitation card, we’ve got you covered. So, here is some WhatsApp marriage invitation text that you can use for your own Indian wedding invitation on WhatsApp for friends and family.

“(Name) and I have decided to take the next big step in our lives by joining hands in holy matrimony. We would love you and your family to come to be witness to our hearts becoming one as the priest declares us Husband and Wife. We desire your Blessings to start our journey together and so, join us to make our precious moment a memory of a lifetime.”

Weddings are a union of two people who decide to spend the rest of their lives together in love, trues and companionship. As (Name) and I have decided to begin our lives with marriage, we would like you to be a part of our special day and bless us on our path to love. Please grace us with your presence on the (Date) at (Location).

“(Name) asked, and I said YES!! We’ve decided to take our relationship forward and be one through the bond of love and marriage. Your presence and blessings are required on the (Date) at (Location). Please bring your family along to share the joy and the love and make our wedding day extra special.”

16. Indian WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Message with Text:

Going the traditional way by asking your parents to send your WhatsApp wedding invitation message? Well, here are some sample text messages you can use for your WhatsApp wedding invitations.

“With great honor and happiness, we invite you to the wedding ceremony of our son (Name) with the love of his life (Name). We request you and your family’s esteemed presence at the celebrations on the (Date) at (Location). Come and brighten our day with your blessings and good wishes as the couple starts their journey to a new life.”

“हमारा पुत्र (नाम) और उनके जीवन साथी (नाम) ने शुभ विवाह द्वारा अपने जीवन में अगला बड़ा कदम उठाने का फैसला किया है। हम (तारीख) (स्थान) पर उत्सव में आप और आपके परिवार की प्रतिष्ठित उपस्थिति का अनुरोध करते हैं। जोड़ी के नए जीवन के लिए उपहार के रूप में आपकी उपस्थिति और आशीर्वाद लाए।”

“In the heart of every parent lies a silent prayer, that their children lead a happy and prosperous life of togetherness with a suitable life partner. With the blessings of Lord Krishna, our dreams have finally come true. We invite you along with your family to the grand wedding celebrations of our daughter (Name) with (Name). Your presence and blessings are requested on (Date) at (Location).“

17. Indian WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Message for Friends:

Spread the love and happiness of your big day with these Indian WhatsApp wedding invitation messages for your friends.

“Hope your calendar is free this December cause you’ve got a wedding to attend!! (Name) and I have decided to tie the knot on the (Date) and you and your family are invited to be a part of our special day. So please be with us as we enjoy the most awaited day of our lives.”

(Name) and I am going to be bound in the bonds of holy matrimony. On our happy occasion, we along with our parents would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join the celebrations on the (Date) at (Location).

Two souls have finally found their soulmates and are to be united in the union of marriage. On this happy event of our wedding, (Name) and I request the pleasure of your presence to make the occasion a true celebration of love and life. We along with our parents, cordially invite you to our wedding on the (Date) at (Location).

18. Formal Wedding Invitation Message For Whatsapp:

If you are looking for a formal wedding invitation message for WhatsApp, here are some text messages to consider.

We are very delighted to announce the wedding ceremony of our beloved son on [date]. We are expecting the pleasure of your company as he exchanges wedding vows.

You are cordially invited to the beautiful ceremony of my wedding taking place on [date]. Let us be blessed with your presence during the holy occasion.

We request you to join us on [date] as our beloved son/daughter takes the hand of [name] through marriage. Your blessings matter the most to us!

19. Whatsapp Invitation Message From Bride And Groom:

A wedding is the most important day in every person’s life. And the bride and groom must send beautiful invitations to their loved ones who have supported them throughout the process. So, here are some Whatsapp invitation message from bride and groom side.

Your support and suggestions have helped us a lot to plan a wonderful wedding ceremony. Now it’s finally time for you to make us feel blessed with your presence.

You have always been the perfect guardian for us. Your presence is more than expected during this holy occasion of our lives.

Hand in hand, we take our wedding vows on the [date: month] at [place]. You’re earnestly requested to bless our marriage with your presence.

We are inviting you to be with us at our wedding on [date]. We have no doubt that the heavenly charm of your presence will intensify the joy of the celebration.

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20. Wedding Invitation Message For Whatsapp From Parents:

Being a parent is a very challenging yet lovable task. The most emotional feeling is seeing your child from their childhood days to the day they marry. This is a very important day in every parent’s life, and on this day, getting everyone involved in your child’s wedding and having them give their blessing is absolutely essential. For asking them to join your child’s wedding, you need some good wedding invitation messages for WhatsApp to send.

We are excited to let you know that we have made all the arrangements to marry our daughter/son off with [ name] on [date]. You are cordially invited!

You, as a part of our family and a guardian to our beloved children, are expected to be with us at the wedding ceremony taking place at [place] on [date].

We request you to bless us all with your presence on [date] as we gather to celebrate the holy bond of the marriage of our son/daughter!

Mr. and Mrs. (name of groom’s parents) and Mr. and Mrs. (name of bride’s parents) request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their children (name of groom) and (name of bride) (date + month) (time) (Venue)

So there you go, a list of some funky yet trendsetting wedding invitation messages on WhatsApp that your guest will totally talk about for years to come.

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