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Work from Home Ideas to Keep Employees Engaged!!

Employees are experiencing a 360 degree change in their work routine due the current pandemic situation forcing them to work from home leading to more distraction and less productivity. Some of employees may be good in handling work from home with all the equipment but for some of them, it’s not their cup of tea! Here we introduce some ways to engage every single employee by inspiring them to work from home.

Check out 9 ways to keep your employees engaged while working from home

It’s Story time!!

Who is the good narrator!! It’s obvious for the employees having dullness or a doze-off feeling with continuous video sessions. Employees need change. Ask the storyteller from your group to narrate some exciting stories to get back all the energy of the employees.


Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar!!

Games are the biggest stress buster. Ask the employees to participate in online game tournaments like pool, table tennis, PUBG, UNO cards and to make it more exciting, keep some exciting prizes for the winner such as the employee who wins, will get one benefit from his work!!


Tickle your Brains!!

Show the spark in you. Arrange some quizzes for the employees which would them scratch their heads. WhatsApp Puzzles, Brainly Quizzes, Solving program code errors and ask every employee to participate in it. This will lead to increase in team bonding and confidence boosting of the employees.


F2 Fun and Frustration

More the fun, less the frustration!! Come up with one surprise event a week. Every employee should come up with some events and all other employees should participate in the same. This will lead to stronger inter-communication, and will also increase the self-confidence. Also, it will be result in the participation of every employee who feels shyness or has a stage fear.


Show the Artist in You

Art is the best medicine on the stress. It gives you your space to think and inspires you to come up with new ideas which make your dreams come true process a cakewalk!! Everyone should come up with the best of singer, dancer, painter, and stand up comedian in them and should try to entertain other teammates to reduce the work stress.

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Taste the Thunder!!

Isn’t it boring to work continuously sitting in front of the screen!! Why not to accept the challenge, win it, and be the odd one out. Take some exciting challenges which make your mind and body fresh and enthusiastic. Push-ups, cross crunches challenge, squat challenge, etc. can make your work from home more interesting.

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Tea vs Coffee

Its 3 pm and a tea break!! Let’s make it more interesting. Every organization’s employees are divided into two groups; Tea Members vs Coffee Members. Let’s see who is quick. Whoever makes tea or coffee quickly, is the winner. Have a small refreshing break with having tea or coffee with everyone. Don’t miss out the snacks!

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Photo Session

Photos are the base of memories!! Take out your family album everyone. One unique way of fun and excitement is sharing. Share some of your crazy, smart, cute photos with everyone and don’t forget to take poll on who is the most cute, crazy, smart person among all of the employees.

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Fast and Furious!!

Let’s have a race! Set a timer on your screen; get ready with your keyboard and Get, Set & Go!! Take out some paragraph and start typing it as fast as you can. Give some benefits to the employee who wins the race. This will lead to increase in sharpness and language writing of the employees.

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