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About Anurag And Simmi

Trained by Bollywood make-up guru Nahush Pise, Anurag & Simmi are known for creating the 'flawless look'. The celebrity make-up artists are sought-after for fashion photo shoots and commercials, by the TV industry and businesses, and, of course, for their bridal make-up. They're specialists when it comes to creating both, traditional and contemporary bridal looks, and can also create ethnic styles to suit various communities. The duo works with the bride a few weeks before the big day to determine a look that does justice to her personal style, her skin tone, and her facial features. They use only the best quality make-up products, so you're certain to look stunning, both in person and on camera.

Package: All are starting price

  • Bridal Makeup: Rs. 15000
  • HD Bridal Makeup: Rs. 20000
  • Airbrush Bridal Makeup: Rs 25000
  • Sider: Rs. 3500
  • Trail Fees: Rs 1500

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What is the starting price for a Bridal Makeup Artist in undefined?

The starting price for a Bridal Makeup Artist in undefined is Rs 15,000

What is the starting price for family/Siders Makeup ?

The starting price for Family/Siders Makeup is Rs. 500

How many years of experience do you have?

I have 5 years of experience in Makeup.