Neptune Bagpack Battery Operated Sanitizing Sprayer VN-13

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Bagpack Sprayers are conventional and most popular products used worldwide. This technology has been widely used in Agriculture to spray pesticides, fungicides, herbicides to protect the crop from pest attack. Now the same technology is applied to sanitize your surroundings. Its been widely used by offices, shops, commercial complexes, households.


  1. User friendly operations, spraying can be done by pressing a single button
  2. Fitted with regulator for controlling the spray
  3. Fitted with back rest and shoulder pad for comfortable spraying
  4. Long lasting and high performance batteries 


Technical Description:

Pump Type Double Pump
Weight 6.5 KG
Flow Rate 100%
Tank Capacity 16 lt
Size/Dimension 38.2X21X42.5 CM
Working Pressure 0.2-0.45 mpa


Most Effective For

  • Hospital /Clinic
  • Industries/Warehouse
  • Schools/Institutes
  • Temples/Mosques etc
  • Restaurants/Hotels
  • Bus & Railways Stations/Airports
  • Shopping Malls/Theatres
  • Business IT Parks/Corporate Offices
  • Society


Manufacturer's details:

1. 25yr old Indian Company who are the pioneers of High pressure and high tech sprayers

2. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing setup

  • User friendly operation
  • Spraying can be done by pressing single button
  • No manual efforts required to create the pressure
  • Continuous & Mist spray
  • Fixed with a regulator for controlling the pressure
  • Long lasting & HI-performance battery
  • Fixed with back rest and shoulder pad for comfortable spraying
  • Available in attractive colours
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Customer Reviews
1.Is this product battery-operated or manual?
A.It comes in different model, some are battery operated, some are manual and some are dual operated- with both Battery and Manual. VN-21- is Dual Operated and has 12V/8Amp battery, VN-13- is Battery Operated and has 12V/12Amp battery, VN-12- is Battery Operated and has 12V/8Amp battery
2.What type of fluid we have to fill in this and whats the capacity of the tank
A.Sodium hydrochloride is put in the tank as Sanitizing Fluid. This is easily available in market Capacity of the tank is mentioned in the product specifications. Normally they have 2 variants - 16L/18L tank
3.Once fully charged, how long does the battery last
A.In case of 12V/8amp battery- you can run the machine for 3.5 hours In case of 12V/12amp battery- you can run the machine for 5 hours
4.Is there a warranty for this product?
A.The Company gives warranty in case of manufacturing defect, no warranty in case of any wear and tear.
5.Where are the service centres located
A.The service centers are located in almost all the major cities of the country.
6.How to operate this machine?
A.Once battery is charged and fluid is filled in the tank, you can put on the bag on your shoulders and start the machine with just a press of a button
7.Is this available in multiple colours?
A.Depending on the model, its available in Yellow, Orange, Blue colours
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