Chemshield UV-PCO Multipurpose Sanitizer Machine

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Product features
  • Uses UV-PCO technology to ensure 99.99% purity

  • Kills 99.9% virus using right wavelength and Photocatalytic Oxidation technology with specific contact time from 20 seconds to 5 mins.

  • High speed blower to create fluidization for perfect contact surface with UV rays

  • Inbuilt automation for various functions like Door locking, timer operated, Warning indicators etc.

  • Adequate safety features to ensure no human direct contact with UV rays.

  • Multipurpose use- Can be used to sanitize Grocery, Vegetables, Laptop, Documents, Accessories, Currency

Manufacturing Company Credentials:

  • 35 yr old ISO 9001:2008 certified company, renowned for making clean rooms for Pharmaceutical, Hospital & Food industry
  • Manufacturing set-up is compliant as per WHO guidelines
  • Team comprise of one of the most experienced technocrats ablely supported by a team of Doctors, IITians and research scientists
  • Winner of Skoch Achiever awards- 2014


  • Only such product using Ultra violet rays plus Photocatalytic Oxidation (UV-PCO) technology for sanitization
  • 10 times more effective than UV light technology
  • Guarantees 99.99% sanitization levels
  • Made by a World Health Organisation (WHO) compliant manufacturing setup
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Customer Reviews
1.What is the inside storage space in this?
2.Is the machine harmful to fruits and vegetables?
A.No, it is not, as PCO technology isn't harmful to these things.
3.Why is this PCO technology good and different from normal UV?
A.Photocatalytic ions are safe and kill bacteria and virus more efficiently as compared to normal UV
4.Can we get this in a larger size?
A.Yes, the product can be customised depending on your requirements.
5.For what purpose can this Machine be used?
A.For disinfecting everything which fits in the machine.
6.What are the certifications this product has?
A.Manufacturing set-up is compliant as per WHO guidelines. The team comprised of one of the most experienced technocrats, supported by a team of Doctors, IITians and research scientists. It is the winner of Skoch Achiever awards- 2014
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