Printed Cotton Masks for Children

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Product features
  • 2 Layer design
  • Universal fit
  • Washable and reusable
  • Soft inner layer for comfort
  • Soft ear loops for a comfortable and soft grip
  • Flat-fold design for easy storage
  • Easy to carry in pockets

M.R.P ₹50/-
Price: ₹35/- (Exclusive GST)
₹36.75/- inclusive GST
+ ₹8.00 Delivery

You saved ₹15/- (30.0%) per unit

Minimum Order Quantity-10 Pieces
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Total Saving
Customer Reviews
1.What is the life of this mask i.e. the number of hours it can be used?
A.Strictly speaking 8 hours.
2.Can this be reused?
A.For Health or Security professionals who are more prone to exposure towards Covid-19 viruses, it’s advisable to change it after 8-hours of use. For others, this can be washed and reused.
3.Do you feel suffocated in this mask?
A.Its has an attached nozzle with filter which can easily allow filtered air to enter and go out. This makes it very comfortable for people to breathe and work normally. It takes only a few seconds to get accustomed to it.
4.How safe is this mask for people in a contaminated zone?
A.This mask is one of the safest masks for people. It can block more than 95% of particles of up to 0.3microns of size. It has been certified by DRDO labs and been used in known hospitals and defence.
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