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BookEventZ Provides with a lot of different options Near you to choose from. Select the marriage hall which is most flexible to you and we will take care of the rest and make sure that your event is a success....

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Top Wedding Venues in Mumbai 

Mumbai is famous for its classy and entertaining lifestyle and why not, for it has such ecstatic wedding venues. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and one wants to definitely enjoy it wholeheartedly. Weddings over the years have changed in leaps and bounds. Earlier weddings were quite simple and involved many traditional rituals but now times have changed and weddings have become more entertaining and enjoyable. While the traditional values and cultures are still performed in the wedding but they are made more entertaining with new ideas laid down by the youth of the family. The weddings now have pre wedding photoshoots which wasn’t the case back then. 

A couple looking to get married will surely have once in a lifetime experience with funtastic wedding venues available in Mumbai. There are many wedding venues in Mumbai which are perfect for making the weddings successful. The Mumbai wedding venues provide you with all the premium wedding facilities. 

Best wedding venues in Mumbai - Getting married is a huge milestone in anyone’s life. It's the beginning of a second innings and has to be a memorable experience for both the couple and their families as well. And this will all become possible when all the things right from the arrangement to the wedding location are put together perfectly. If you want to conduct your wedding in Mumbai then you will get a bulk of wedding venues which will suit your needs accurately. Wedding locations planning may require a lot of research and it may become a hectic task for you to manage so many things at a time. Hence, we are here to do the research and make your wedding planning more easy. 

In house decoration at outdoor wedding venues in Mumbai - A good decoration decides a lot of things in a wedding like the background and colour effects for the photos, the beauty of the wedding and many such things. To make all this fall in place, it is very important to have an experienced and good decoration team who knows how to make the wedding look simply outstanding. At wedding venues Mumbai, you get an in house decoration team who is experienced and well versed in the decoration business and is an expert in decorating the weddings in Mumbai.

Valet Parking at wedding places in Mumbai - The wedding location is sometimes at a far distance from our home and hence we opt to use our private vehicle to reach the wedding venue. But when we reach the wedding destination we find that there’s no parking space at the wedding location which makes the situation worrisome for you resulting in you not being able to enjoy the wedding properly as your mind is constantly distracted about the safety of your vehicle. Hence, a good parking space at the wedding venue is an equally important service than any other service. But if you are hosting a wedding in Mumbai then you don’t need to worry about this as there are many best wedding venues who provide a good parking space. 

Guest holding capacity at wedding banquets in Mumbai - When you get married, it’s not just you two getting married but it’s the two families getting married and both the families have their own set of near and dear ones who want to witness these beautiful occasions. While these are just the family members who want to be in your wedding but your close friends are no less than family and hence even they want to be a part of this beautiful moment of your life. Hence for all this, you need a good guest holding capacity wedding venue which can be easily found for your wedding to be held at Mumbai. There are many top wedding venues in Mumbai who provide a huge guest capacity to help you manage your guests efficiently.

Localities in Mumbai with Best Wedding Venues - A wedding venue will be more comfortable if the locality around the wedding location is good. The locality decides how much the guests will feel comfortable at the venue.The wedding venue has to be a one which has a good surrounding such as trees or in case of residential areas, it should have cooperative people. The females in the wedding should feel comfortable in and around the venue which is the most important part of a good wedding location. But if you are getting married in the city of dreams then, you don’t need to worry about all this as there are many famous and good localities in Mumbai such as Andheri, Vile Parle, Bandra,etc. which are perfect destinations for weddings 


Budget Wedding Venues in Mumbai 

A wedding is an expensive affair and you want to manage the big occasion within your budget. A wedding involves a huge cost from the perfect banquet, delicious food to the decoration cost, there’s a lot of cost involved in wedding planning. While you want to make sure that there’s no compromise made for a memorable wedding, you also need to ensure that the wedding doesn’t exceed your budget. Thoroughly planning a wedding is a vital aspect of getting married. Hence to ensure that your beautiful wedding is successfully completed within your estimated budget, there are many budget wedding venues in Mumbai which are affordable and provide all the services.

Extra offers along with the wedding packages in Mumbai - Weddings in the financial city of India can become a bit expensive. You might have to spend a different amount on food, a different amount of decor, a different amount on the wedding location, etc. These different amounts will make you put a lot of money in a diverse set of services and here is where a wedding package comes into play. A wedding package will give you all the services within a total amount which will be within your budget. There are many more extra additional offers along with the wedding packages in Mumbai.

Criteria followed for pricing at wedding locations in Mumbai - Before you book a wedding banquet or any wedding venue, you must check a few things such as the criteria of pricing, the services provided and many other factors. The most important factor is the pricing criteria of the wedding venue as it will decide how much of the money you will spend. Different banquets have different criteria but most of the wedding locations in Mumbai have pricing criteria based on the prices per plate. 


Outdoor Wedding Venues in Mumbai 

Amongst the many different types of wedding venues, outdoor weddings have gained a decent amount of popularity. An outdoor wedding venue is a different type of wedding experience wherein the wedding area is quite spacious along with the natural beauty. The natural winds and sometimes the cool sea breeze makes the outdoor wedding venue all the more lovely cosy place to tie the knot. An outdoor wedding, you can try out many wedding ideas coordinating with your wedding planner. An outdoor wedding in Mumbai can be at a beach, wedding lawn and wedding resorts. 

Beach wedding venues in Mumbai -  Beach wedding is an exciting idea for conducting a wedding near a cool sea breeze. The wedding area will be spacious and which will make it comfortable and more enjoyable for your guests. A wedding near the beach is going to be undoubtedly the best experience for everyone not only for you but for your friends and family as well. Since Mumbai is an island city, you will get a lot of wedding banquets or open banquets near the beach. 

Wedding lawns in Mumbai - Wedding lawns are another form of outdoor wedding venue where a lot of people have started hosting their wedding. The wedding lawns are a venue which are made prominently for weddings only. The wedding lawns in Mumbai will provide you services which are most needed for weddings. Mumbai has been successful in catering to all kinds of needs and hence there are many wedding lawns in Mumbai.

Wedding resorts in Mumbai - The most popular wedding venue in the list of outdoor wedding venues in Mumbai, is wedding resorts. Wedding resorts are the most loved venue type for weddings as they offer so many services like a swimming pool, in house catering and decoration service and much more. Though the wedding resorts are located in the outskirts of the Mumbai city, they are all worth your money as they provide your brilliant services and a lifelong cherishable experience. 

Amenities at Wedding Venues in Mumbai 

Guests hosting capacity at wedding locations in Mumbai -  Amongst the many amenities provided by the wedding venues, the most important and deciding factor for a wonderful wedding experience is the guest holding capacity of the venue. You should be clear with how many guests you are expecting to witness this important moment of your life. You should always look for a wedding banquet which has more guest hosting capacity than you expect. The wedding venues in Mumbai on an average provide you a decent capacity of 500 to 800 guests which shall be enough to help you manage your guests efficiently.

Valet Parking at wedding venues in Mumbai -  A good parking space has become quite an essential component of an eventful wedding. The guests should be free of any sort of concerns regarding their vehicle parking. For that, you must check wedding venues which provide a good parking space to park the vehicles. This plays an important role for guests to drive their vehicle to the wedding location. There are many Mumbai wedding venues which provide ample parking space of 40 - 50 cars. 

Room facility at Marriage venues in Mumbai -  A room facility is quite a premium service and is offered mostly in expensive marriage venues. The room facility is needed only in case of a stay at the wedding venue. When you are planning for a destination wedding, you will need a room facility. The room facility might be a little expensive but there are many Mumbai marriage venues who provide you room facility at reasonable rates.

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