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    Wedding Photographers in Mumbai

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    PhotographersBudget (Per Day)
    Vikrant Joglekar Photography71,000
    Ajinkya Vaity Photography85000
    The Memory Capture55000
    The Knot Diaries74999
    Rupesh Shinde Photography71000
    Weddings Days by Krishna Parab150000
    AJN Photography50000
    Bhavesh Shinde Photography75000
    Editmaster Weddings77,000
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    Who are the best budget wedding photographers in Mumbai?

    Explore the best and most affordable wedding photographers in Mumbai. Here's a top few - The Memory Capture, Ajinkya Vaity Photography, Nikhil Jadhao Photography, Mandar Malondkar photography , and several more.

    How much does a wedding photographer cost in Mumbai?

    The photographer's package cost is calculated on the number of events that are covered, the team that is required to cover those events, and the deliverable that you require from the photographer. The Wedding Package starts between Rs.15,000 to 80,000 a day.

    What are the types of services in wedding photography?

    Unaware of what you can ask from a photographer while hiring one? Below are the services that you need to ask your wedding photographer before you finalize one.
    • Candid Photography
    • Traditional Photography
    • Cinematography
    • Drone Photography
    • Traditional Videography
    • Album designing and printing
    • Lights and camera lenses

    After how many days does the wedding photographer return the pictures/video of the wedding?

    Wedding photographers usually deliver edited photo galleries to their clients within three to six weeks after the wedding day. Many photographers offer clients ten to twenty sneak-peek photos so the couple doesnt wait for all of the photos to be edited before seeing some of their wedding day images.

    What is the travel / accommodation policy of wedding photographers in Mumbai?

    You will have to pay for travel and accommodation costs if you are wanting the photographer to work outside his home city, or if you have to spend more than one night away from home on a photoshoot.

    How many months before the wedding date should a couple book their wedding photographer?

    Please be advised that most wedding photographers book between 5-6 months in advance and recommend booking 6 months in advance. If you are planning your wedding in the peak months of May or December, you will want to book your wedding photographer as soon as possible.

    What information should I give my wedding photographer?

    Things to Tell Your Wedding Photographer Before Your Big Day
    • Share your love story. This is the first step to getting your dream wedding photos
    • Give them details of all important family members to be captured
    • Talk about your wedding theme
    • Discuss shoot locations
    • Set your expectations

    How do I choose a good wedding photographer?

    You should consider comparing the photographer with their work. This is the most important thing to be done while selecting a photographer. You can do this by checking the amount of experience a photographer has, what are the type of shoots he can conduct, what are his customer reviews and lastly what is the variety of services he will offer you.