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21 Trendy Bridesmaid Songs List for Sangeet Function Groove in 2021

A wedding day is a day to honor not just the bride and groom’s love, but also the love and support of their closest friends and family. Bridesmaids are essential in making the bride feel special and adored on her wedding day. They have an important role in the bridal party, from assisting with wedding planning to providing emotional support. One method to express gratitude to the bridesmaids is to select the appropriate bridesmaid music for them to walk down the aisle to. Bridesmaid songs are equally important as bridal entry songs. We’ll share a chosen list of the greatest bridesmaid songs in this blog article to make your bridesmaids feel appreciated, loved, and honored on your wedding day.

So, given below is 21 bridesmaids song list for your friends wedding:

1. Pallo Latke Bridesmaid songs

So, this song is the perfect way to celebrate your friends wedding. And it will make the whole sangeet environment happening. So, pick this song to let you and everybody enjoy a function a lot.

2. Kithe Reh Gaya

So, this song is the perfect song to tease your friend. And it will help you create a funny atmosphere to the whole party. So, enjoy a song like this.

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3. Nai Jaana

Nai jaana can also be one of the song on which a bridesmaid can perform. And here she can tease as well as be emotional for her friends marriage. So, this one song is a perfect combination of emotional and teasing song. So, add this in your playlist.

4. Sweety Tera Drama

‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ song can be played to praise brides beauty. And a bridesmaid can perform on this song to fun as well as praise her friends popularity. So, basically this song is also used to give party a funny line.

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5. Hauli Hauli

‘De De Pyaar De’ song is one of the best song for bridesmaids. And it is a bridesmaid songs where a bridesmaid can give a power pact perform. So, for solo performance include it in your playlist.

6. Girls Like To Swing

On this song a bridesmaid can actually swing. And these type of songs for bridesmaids to walk down the aisle to the party. So, play a song like this. And let everybody out there enjoy the party.

7. Tareefan Reprise

A song with a beautiful lyrics can help bridesmaid songs to make it for appealing in front of guests. And she can change the overall atmosphere of the sangeet function with this reprise version song. So, make Tareefan song as one of your sangeet unction song.

8. Nachde Ne Saare

This bridesmaids song can be played to tease bride and his future husband. And it will make everyone shake their legs too. So, give this song a big thumps up for your sangeet function.

9. Hook Up Song

This ‘student of the year 2’ song can be an awesome song for a bridesmaid. And she will make everybody dance with her as well.

10. Chote Chote Peg

‘Sonu Ki Tito Ki Sweety’ is a bridesmaid song. And she can give a solo performance on this song. And make everyone shake their legs too.

11. Laung Laachi

A song of this type can be performed with bride. So, these types of bridesmaid songs can be danced by brides as well. And both can enjoy their performance.

12. Morni Banke

A ‘badhai ho’ song can be the best song for bridesmaid. And she can have a dance number on this song. So, that she can have a amazing performance on stage.

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13. Ek Do Teen

‘Baaghi 2’ song can be another song which can be played for bridesmaid songs. And she can give an impactful performance.

14. Twist Kamariya

This ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ is a perfect bridesmaid songs. And this will a perfect song to lift up the mood of the sangeet function. So, add it in your list.

15. Kamariya

A ‘Stree’ song is also a songs for bridesmaids to walk down the aisle to the sangeet stage. So, perform on this bridesmaid dance songs.

16. Odhani

‘Made in China’ song can also be played as wedding songs for bridesmaids. So, play a song and fire the stage with your moves. And this song has the power to make everybody dance on the floor.

17. Nachange Saari Raat

This song can be performed by a bridesmaid. And she can take everyone on this song. So, it will be all party mood.

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18. Jhalla Wallah

This song can be played as a funny songs for bridesmaids to walk down the aisle to the sangeet day. And everybody will enjoy on this song. So, play this ‘Jhalla Wallah’ song in the song list.

19. Proper Patola

This is an awesome song. And a bridesmaid can perform on this song on the sangeet day. So, she will rock with this song.

20. Naah Goriye

A bridesmaid can perform on this song. And make everybody rock n roll on the dance floor. So, give your sangeet night a touch of this song.

21. Uff Teri Adaa

‘Karthik Calling Karthik’ song was one of the most famous songs. So, play this song as a bridesmaid. And everybody groove upon this song.

22. Jalebi Baby

This song is a perfect representation of our culture and will make any Indian proud after the appreciation it has received.

23. London Thumakda

It has been more than 8 years but any event is incomplete without this song. This is one of the best songs you can ever have in your wedding.

24. Cutiepie

Fahad Khan’s dashing looks, Anushka Sharma’s cuteness and Ranbir Kapoor’s expressions makes this song just perfect.

25. Chaudhary

This is one of the underrated gems which is a remake of the older version and perfectly articulates the Rajasthani culture.


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