We are a bunch of young dreamers and realists working as a team towards making event venue experience wonderful for our customers.

Reasons to Join Us

No Hierarchy
We believe in action rather than designatory authorities. We consider hierarchical structure a passe. This makes room for individuals to take ownership of the projects and drive them with full responsibility.
Regular check on the output keeps us on check and bring logical solution to every challenge.
Open to Ideas
We love to explore new ideas. We welcome ideas from all experiences and lines of work.
Passion Gives Us High
We're passionate about a million things. It's that passion which shows at work. We laugh, we argue, we fight, we do fun stuff. We are always on the move.
Fun Times
Everyday is vibrant with surprise parties, cake cuttings, weekend cricket, potlucks, pool parties, festive celebrations and music.

Employee Stories
More than Just a Company.......
Cluster Manager Sales
The best thing about this company is it is not just a working floor but a floor which helps you grow overall and makes sure that you get equal opportunity. There is no limitation of learning and exploring everyday you meet the new you. It is not just a company it is my Family
Freedom to Experiment
Senior Frontend Developer, Tech
Have been working here from past 3 years and my journey from being an intern to Senior Frontend Developer has been amazing, not a cake walk but a challenging one. Here, I get to explore various dimensions in my current profile and to take new challenges daily. The best part is freedom of experimenting and trying out new things. I have got family in colleagues.
More than Just a Company.......
Digital Marketing Associate
BookEventZ has given me an opportunity to challenge myself and grow as an individual. The best thing about this place is Peer-learning and great Mentors to work with. And here we believe to work hard and party harder.

We Love to Reinvent Celebrations Together