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Pure Vegetarian Venue

Bueng Kum


rupee-icon1337 / Person

Khlong Toei


rupee-icon3000 / Person

Pure Vegetarian Venue

Lak Si


rupee-icon1000 / Person

Pure Vegetarian Venue

Sai Mai


rupee-icon495 / Person



rupee-icon824 / Person



rupee-icon2354 / Person

Happiness Club

Enter the world of happiness

Partner Brands

Thon Buri


rupee-icon1500 / Person



rupee-icon1300 / Person

Huai Khwang


rupee-icon1500 / Person

Khlong Tan


rupee-icon600 / Person

Khlong Tan


rupee-icon1883 / Person

Si Phraya


rupee-icon1540 / Person

Pathum Wan


rupee-icon3000 / Person

Pure Vegetarian Venue

Pathum Wan


rupee-icon0 / Person

Pure Vegetarian Venue

Bang Rak


rupee-icon0 / Person

Pure Vegetarian Venue

Khwang Silom


rupee-icon0 / Person

Pure Vegetarian Venue

Khlong Maha Nak


rupee-icon800 / Person

Pure Vegetarian Venue

Bang Rak


rupee-icon0 / Person

Pure Vegetarian Venue



rupee-icon0 / Person

Pure Vegetarian Venue

Khlong Toei


rupee-icon0 / Person

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Average Reviews and Ratings for Event Venues in Bangkok
87 Rating & Reviews

Which are the Popular Banquet Halls in Bangkok?

How much does Banquet Halls cost in Bangkok?

It is actually difficult to tell the exact cost but it might scale up to anywhere between Rs 15000 to 50 lakhs, it depends upon your budget and requirements. You can always negotiate with your event planner or vendors and agree on a total cost which suits your budget.

Which are the best Banquet Halls in Bangkok for 50 - 100 people ?

Are parking facilities available at Banquet Halls in Bangkok?

You don’t need to worry about parking as most of the locations do provide parking facilities. However, few of them don’t provide parking facilities but they do have valet parking facilities.

Are outside decorators allowed at low budget Banquet Halls ?

Many locations let you bring your own decorators for your event. Likewise, there are few which don’t allow outside decorators for your function as they have their in-house decoration team who ensures your special occasion is perfectly decorated.

What is the price range for Banquet Halls in Bangkok?

The prices can range from Rs 400 to Rs 3000. Depending on your budget and other specifications, you can select a few options and then check out their availability on the date of your event. Bangkok has an ample number of options available in every price range, so selecting the best location should not be an issue at all. And the best way to get the list of venues going with your specifications is to apply the Price, Location, and other filters as per your requirements.

How many pure veg Banquet Halls are there in Bangkok ?

Pure veg Venues are in huge demand. There are around 100+ Veg Venues in Bangkok which are just perfect for all kinds of events.

How do I choose Banquet Halls?

You can select the best wedding venues from a range of options to choose from Rs 400 to Rs 3000. To select the best Wedding halls in Bangkok, visit our website and put the filters according to your needs. You will simply get the best banquet halls in Bangkok.

What is the booking amount required ?

For booking Banquet Halls in Bangkok, you have to pay 20 - 30 % of the total cost in advance to confirm your booking. The rest of the amount has to be paid prior to the day of the function.

Are cancellation policies available ?

Yes, cancellation policies are available but they vary from venue to venue. Banquet Halls typically forfeits the booking amount given. To book the ones which have cancellation policies, check here.

What are the operation hours ?

The Banquet Halls are open from 7 AM to 12 midnight for events. Some Venues also allow overnight Banquet Halls. Sales offices are usually open from 10:30 AM to 8 PM.

How to find Wedding Halls Near Me?

You can find Wedding halls near you by simply clicking on our website’s banquets near me page and there you go! You will get all the wedding halls near you.

How many Guests can Banquet Halls in Bangkok accommodate?

They have different accommodation capacities ranging from the ones that can accommodate 30-50 guests to the ones that can accommodate up to 1000s of guests. Also, there are many Banquet Halls in Bangkok which can accommodate more than 500 guests.

What services are provided by Top 5 Star Banquet Halls in Bangkok ?

Caterers for multi-cuisine in veg and non-veg both, Decor Services as per your selected themes and customizations, DJ, Valet Parking, PA System, changing rooms, Baraat, etc.

Do I get any additional Offers on booking the Wedding venue with BookEventz?

Yes, we do provide additional packages and offers on booking with us. We also provide special wedding and birthday vendor packages for all our clients. Check BZ venues in Bangkok which are operated by us.

What are the catering policies at Banquet Halls in Bangkok?

They provide you with an in- house catering team which are experienced in offering you some delicious dishes. Whereas, in many Banquet Halls, outside catering is allowed.

Are there rooms available in Banquet Halls in Bangkok?

Many venues provide complimentary rooms for the couple and their family to get ready and stay in till the wedding ceremony. Other than this, some venues at Banquet Halls in Bangkok also have rooms available so that all your outstation guests can stay at the same place

There are many outdoor wedding halls in Bangkok but finding the perfect one can be a difficult task. Even the small ones have all the facilities such as in house decor and caterers. You can easily find the affordable places with price from BookEventz.You can apply all sorts of filters ranging from location, prices, venue type. The wedding banquets in Bangkok are well equipped to cater to all your needs. You can simply check the menu and all other details through our website. ...

Event Venues in Bangkok 

The city that is a famous tourist destination in the world possesses some really wonderful venues for hosting events. Some of the most magnificent event venues can be found in the country's most desirable areas. Although the city of fantasy is known for its commercial aspect, there are several beautiful places in the city that will provide you with world-class service within your budget. 

Be it a wedding or a corporate event, you will get all the services such as in-house decor, catering, parking, and ample amount of guest holding capacity to host your exquisite events. There are a range of options available in Bangkok where you can host different types of events. Many people conduct destination weddings as well in this city of tourists. The citizens live a very peaceful and hard-working life and hence they deserve to enjoy their special occasions to the fullest. 

Number of event venues in Bangkok - In Bangkok, there are a total of <number> event venues, providing you lots of options. Because it is one of the most developed countries in the world, it can provide a wide choice of services for your large wedding or other celebration. The city is home to thousands of salaried residents. The needs and requirements of each individual differ.

In Bangkok, there are over 500 event venues to choose from, with everything from stunning interiors to delectable cuisine. You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to selecting a banquet that meets your needs and falls within your budget. 

5-star hotels in the Bangkok - 5-star hotels in Bangkok are ideal for holding a variety of events, including weddings, receptions, birthday celebrations, and so on. The rooms here include all of the amenities, including the house decor, catering, and exceptional service. The capacity of these venues is ideal for both small and large events.

Varieties of Events in Bangkok - There are numerous events that can be held in Bangkok for celebrating your special occasions. From weddings to business parties, everyone can run their unique events smoothly. The capacity of the venues in Bangkok is one where you can comfortably accommodate your guests. Every day, a large number of events take place in the city while ensuring that every kind of customer's requirements are met depending on the type of event. 

Cancellation Policy -  Life is unexpected, and you never know what will happen at any given time. The unexpectedness of the problem sometimes has the potential to cancel your special occasions.. Few situations are simply uncontrollable, but you have to accept reality and go ahead in life. Similarly, you may even have to cancel your wedding or other events due to sudden circumstances. In that situation, you will get the refunded amount after the deduction of certain cancellation charges. This could be a troublesome situation for you, but don't worry, banquet halls in Bangkok have cancellation policies that allow you to get your money back with only a little cancellation fee deducted.

Backup facilities at Event halls in Bangkok - Nothing can be expected, therefore any disruption or trouble at a wedding or other huge event can't be predicted.. You must always be on your toes when planning a major event. All of the plans must be flawless, including the backup facilities. The success of an event is dependent on the backup facilities. You'll want to have all of your weather disruption choices ready in case the weather changes unexpectedly. In the event of a power loss, you may also require an electricity backup. The venues in the city> incorporate all backup facilities.

Budget Venues in Bangkok - You would want to keep a close watch on the wedding budget because a wedding is an expensive affair. The cost of essential to lavish items has risen as a result of globalization, ranging from the smallest grocery to the expense of arranging a wedding. As a result, a wedding can quickly become quite expensive. Decorations, food, and pre-wedding photoshoots, for example, all add up to a substantial chunk of money. Despite the fact that you are aware that a wedding is an expensive event, you must stick to your projected budget.

Affordable Wedding Halls in Bangkok - A wedding at a luxurious banquet can be costly, so look for a budget venue that meets your needs while also giving excellent service. If you consider your budget, certain places may be acceptable for you, but they may fall short in terms of providing adequate services, whereas other possibilities may surpass your budget while providing exceptional services.

In-house decorations at Best Event Venues in Bangkok  -  When a wedding hall gives you an in-house decoration team, you expect it to be the greatest because the event's décor will determine the beauty of your wedding. A stunning entrance and spectacular wedding decor set the bar high for the decoration. 

Parking Facilities at Bangkok - Your wedding guests may be driving to the reception venues, so valet parking is a good idea. The outdoor wedding halls in the city> have enough parking for 40 to 50 cars. In addition, many event venues provide 50 to 80 parking areas, which is more than enough. The parking space is a much-needed service for a huge wedding.

Accommodating Capacity of Event Spaces in Bangkok -  A wedding hall should be able to accommodate a large number of guests. Your guests will be well-managed if you have a large guest holding capacity. You obviously want your guests to have a wonderful time, so make sure there's enough room for them to move around and enjoy the event. 

Wedding Packages in Bangkok  - Because a wedding requires extensive preparation and budgeting, you must be financially prepared in advance. There are numerous costs involved, ranging from the venue to the vendors. A wedding package that includes everything in the budget will make it easier for you to keep everything within your budget limit. There are numerous wedding packages available at wedding banquets in Bangkok. 

Small Event Venues in Bangkok - There are several small event spaces in city> that are ideal for holding a wedding or other event with only your closest friends and family in attendance. These venues offer all of the amenities without sacrificing service quality or number. 

Outdoor Event Venues in the Bangkok - Many individuals choose to have their special events in public areas. There are numerous outdoor venues such as beaches, parks, and grounds where you can host all of your special events. Outdoor venues in Bangkok provide the same level of service as indoor weddings, ensuring complete satisfaction.  

Corporate Venues in Bangkok - Because Bangkok is so established, it hosts a lot of corporate parties, seminars, and events. The city is well suited to meet a variety of corporate requirements. In Bangkok, corporate functions can be held in a range of conference spaces.

Meeting Rooms -  In order to host a meeting, a good amount of preparations must be done. The dice, cuisine, a speaker and microphone, and a host of other essential services are all included in the meeting. There are several conference rooms accessible in which you will find all of the required amenities. The capacity, as well as the services provided, are designed to meet the needs of the customers.

Price of Corporate Venues in Bangkok - Hosting a corporate event can be costly, and it can occasionally surpass the company's budget; as a result, finding the right corporate venue with a budget that fits your budget limits can be a tough task. Because the prices are low, you will be able to acquire all of the services within your budget.

Why Plan your events with BookEventz?

At BookEventz, you can simply visit our website www.bookeventz.com and search for the best event venues in your city with specific details. You get a wide range of venues with filters. From price range to veg/ non - veg menu options, you can apply filters suiting your requirements.