Mehendi Poses for Bride That will Light Up Your Wedding Album!
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Mehendi Poses for Bride That will Light Up Your Wedding Album!

The most exciting part about any wedding function is the photoshoot! So start bookmarking the most uber-cool and best mehndi poses for wedding albums now! You would agree with me that the most fun wedding ceremony is Mehendi and it demands to have the most extraordinary photoshoot. Sitting for hours to get the mehndi design right or struggling to eat your favorite food items, you deserve the best Mehendi poses for bride.

So Check Out the Best Mehendi poses for the bride and Bookmark your favorite ones.

1. One Hand On Eye Bridal Pose

Flaunt your beautiful henna design along with your wedding attire. These Mehendi poses for the bride below allow you to showcase your Mehendi design which complements your elegant wedding ensemble.

2. Close Up Mehendi Pose

It is a mandatory pose that every bride should try as you can show the depth of the love in your eyes and Mehendi. Ask your photographer to click each and every detail of your hands other than Mehendi is your nail art design and your bold eye look makeup.

Close Up Mehendi Pose

3. Bride Showing her Mehendi

From telling your father about the smallest achievement in school to sharing your biggest achievements. every victory and every joy is shared with your father. This pose captures the bride showing her Mehendi design to her dad. This image is mesmerizing. Get an image like this one for your wedding too.

father daughter poses


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4. Getting Mehendi Ready Pose

If you want the result to be beautiful then you should start and that moment should get captured. Getting Mehendi ready pose is a simple, traditional, and mandatory pose.

Getting Mehendi Ready Pose (1)

5. Bridal Mehendi Pose With A Big Smile

For makeup, you can keep it minimal. It is because your Mehendi look will glow when you have minimal soft makeup. So, maintain a low makeup look for your virtual Mehendi function.

Makeup Ideas for Virtual Mehendi Day

6. Candid Pose

The funny couple’s photoshoots just aren’t avoidable in any wedding ceremony. And what is best than a candid pose as it is loaded with cuteness.

candid poses with couples

7. Flaunt Your Floral Jewellery

Bridal poses without the colorful flower jewelry just can’t be missed and it also highlights the delicate henna art design on the bride.

Floral Jewellery Pose

8. The Classic Pose

This pose is a must-have for all wedding albums. A picture of the bride with Mehendi in her hand and a beautiful smile on her face is priceless. You can take this picture while Mehendi is being applied or after the Mehendi.  Moreover, a bride and groom can have this photo together.

Mehendi Classic Pose


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9. The Swag Wala Pose

In your Mehendi then you can take the best Mehendi picture. Make it memorable by having a unique pose.  And that means a bride can be seen showing her Mehendi to her would-be groom through the computer of course. At that moment someone can click a picture of them together. And this will look awesome. So, likewise, there can be various options for that.

Swag Vaala Pose

10. Mehendi Poses For Bride With Your Bridesmaid

Friends will never leave you at your wedding functions. And that’s the beauty of friendship. So, on Mehendi day friends are the ones who make your Mehendi function happen. And they can be seen with props or applying Mehendi on your hand or teasing you.

Mehendi Pose with Friends

11. Mehendi Pose with Frame

Bride Haldi’s pose can be with the frame as well. So, a bride can hold a floral frame in her hand. And it will become a pose for the Haldi function. So, it will look great too.

Mehendi Pose With Frame

12. Mehendi Poses For Bride With Relatives

Relatives are the ones who never let you down on your wedding day. So, clicking a picture with relatives is a must. And they will energize the whole wedding function.


13. Just Show Hand

The brides always want to look good at their wedding functions. And so, they wanted to have beautiful Mehendi designs. Show off your Mehendi and keep it as a memory with this pose. You can only have a circle in the middle of your palm and a cap at the top of your finger. So, you can also try unique leg designs for your virtual wedding. And even a groom can have Mehendi for the Mehendi function pictures like these.Mehendi Designs Virtual Mehendi Ideas

14. The Swag wali Bride

It’s the 21st century and if you haven’t tried the combination of wearing sneakers along with your Indian attire, then, what are you waiting for? It’s already your wedding day and it is high time that you start living the dream!  Put your best foot forward wearing these super comfy sneakers! Flaunt your Mehendi feet Mehendi as well with this pose.

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