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Virtual Mehendi Ideas for Safe Wedding in This New Wave of Covid-19

By Rushda Khursheed
Blog timeApr 9, 2021

Virtual mehendi ideas are the great way to have safe wedding during this Covid-19 times. And now most of the state has again started to shut down its state because of the increasing cases of corona virus. So, again you have to make your wedding functions virtual. And honestly keeping things virtual is so unique and exciting. So, make your wedding special even at home by applying these trending bridal mehendi designs.

So listed below are virtual mehendi ideas for the brides of 2021:

  1. Mehendi Designs Virtual Mehendi Ideas

    The brides always want to look good on their wedding functions. And so, they wanted to have a beautiful mehendi designs. But because of this situation it might not be possible. So, you can have easy designs at home with your own. And if not then you can only have a circle at the middle of your palm and a cap at the top of your finger. So, you can also a unique leg design for your virtual wedding. And even a groom can have mehendi for the virtual mehendi function.Mehendi Designs Virtual Mehendi Ideas

  2. Virtual Gift Ideas

    If you want to still give some gift to your virtual guests then you can order these things directly to their house. And they will also be surprised and super happy to find this gift. So, have a look at in budget and trendy return gift ideas for your guests.Virtual Gift Ideas

  3. Mehendi Dress Ideas

    If you are having a virtual mehendi then also you can maintain the theme of your wedding. So, for that you can buy your clothes online. And can click picture with these dresses. So, you can have a memorable wedding even when you are having a virtual wedding. Mehendi Dress Ideas

  4. Makeup Ideas for Virtual Mehendi Day

    For makeup you can keep it minimal. It is because your mehendi look will glow when you will have a minimal makeup. So, maintain a low makeup look for your virtual mehendi function.Makeup Ideas for Virtual Mehendi Day

  5. Hairstyle for Mehendi at Home

    Hairstyle can be simple easy peasy. So, for that you can let your hair open with some curls on it. But if you want you can make a bun, or a stylish braid. So, these things can only be possible if you know how to make buns or stylish curls. But if you don’t know about these things then a simple curls on an open hair will look perfect for the virtual mehendi ideas.Hairstyle for Mehendi at Home

  6. Photo Ideas

    Photos are the most important thing whether you are having a virtual or on spot wedding. So, there must be a picture that should remind you of pandemic situation. When after some years you will see your mehendi picture then it must remind you how uniquely you have performed all the wedding rituals.Photo Ideas

  7. Homemade Tips for Darker Mehendi

    Pandemic mehendi comes with small tension like how to make your mehendi turn out to be darker. So, for that you must check some of the tried and tested ideas to have darker mehendi at your virtual mehendi ideas. Homemade Tips for Darker Mehendi

  8. Zoom Call with Friends and Relatives

    Video calling is the only option for any virtual wedding. So, have zoom call with your friends and relatives. And enjoy your mehendi time with your virtual family. In fact, you will enjoy more having a different type of wedding.Zoom Call with Friends and RelativesCelebrate Dream Wedding

  9. Hatke Performance by Guests

    he virtual guests can perform online as well. So, they can sing a mehendi type songs. Or some other can perform on any Bollywood song. So, these things will lift the party mood of everyone. And this will not let anyone to be bore on the virtual mehendi party.Hatke Performance by Guests

  10. Fun Games for Entertainment

    Anything can be made fun and exciting if arranged properly. So, you can also have a fun games for your virtual party. And for that you can have prop related games. So, all you have to do is everybody should have same props. And you can play dumb charade with it. So, for that there must be two groups. After that one person will give a movie name to the opposite team member. And that team should have to convey the movie name with the help of a prop. So, this will be fun and exciting for the mehendi game.Fun Games for Entertainment

  11. Virtual Mehendi DIY Decoration Ideas

    There are n numbers of décor ideas at home. So, you can have colorful curtains or cushions for the mehendi function. And even if it is a virtual mehendi, there must be some of the decorations. It is because these little efforts will give the feel of the wedding.Virtual Mehendi DIY Decoration Ideas

  12. Virtual Party Time

    Everybody who is joining the bride and a groom can have party at the end of the function. So, for that they can have snacks or food for the party. And this will give a final touch to your virtual party. So, this can be accompanied by a drinks at the end.Virtual Party Time

  13. Pose Ideas

    As you are having a virtual mehendi then you all can’t be close to have a beautiful mehendi picture. But you can make it special by having a unique poses. So, a bride and groom can have a virtual photo together. And that means a bride can seen showing her mehendi to her would be groom through computer of course. At that moment someone can click a picture of them together. And this will look awesome. So, likewise there can be various options for that. Pose IdeasFollow us on our insta handle for more updates.

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