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Latest Wedding Photography Concepts for your Wedding Photo shoot!

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Wedding photography is something you don’t want to compromise on because it’s once in a lifetime moment. To capture all the precious moment of the special day is important. But to make your wedding photo shoot a memorable one , there are various wedding photography concepts to try.

  1. Mannequin Wedding Photography Concept –

The couple will love the concept of mannequin as it has been in the trend. The photography can include a video of the groom and bride using mannequin poses.

Wedding Photography Mannequin

  1. Sabyasachi

The Sabyasachi is quite popular in India for its magnificent outfits and putting out using designer outfits. Along with this, it has gained some more popularity due to its unique and lovely poses.

Wedding Photography Sabyasachi

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  1. Photo Booth Wedding Photography Concept –

The photo booth concept has gained some fair amount of popularity due to its unique and attractive idea. The photography includes a booth. Because of the photo booth idea, the couple can complete their wedding photography smoothly

Wedding Photography Photo Booth

  1. Bride’s Team & Groom’s Team –

This is a very unique concept in the list. In this concept, the bride and the groom’s team play games and the same is recorded as well as pictures our clicked.

Wedding Photography Bride & Grooms Team

  1. Interview Wedding Photography Concept –

This is a one special kind of concept. The family members, the friends, the close friends who live far apart and also few close relatives will be interviewed about how they are feeling on this big occasion. This will give the bride/ groom a heartening special feeling to cherish for life.

Wedding Photography Interview Concept

  1. Cinematography Wedding Photography Concept –

Another entertaining and fun concept on the list, is cinematography concept.  The couple wear the character costumes and recreate their favourite scenes or characters.

Wedding Photography - Cinematography

Bidai Songs

  1. Indoor Shoot / Outdoor Shoot –

    If the shoot is conducted in a studio, it is an indoor shoot. In outdoor shoots, outdoor factors play a huge role.

    Wedding Photography - Indoor OutdooeWe hope you loved all the latest photography concepts for your wedding. Follow us on Instagram for more.

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